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Client trip report: Bavarian Danube

Julane and Art recently came back from their Bavarian Danube bike tour with a great review and beautiful photos of their experience.

The tour, German Danube: Donauworth to Passau, was their first experience to cycle in Germany, and they were pleasantly surprised at the beauty.

“We found the river unexpectedly beautiful—wide and full of wildlife,” Julane said. “Every hotel exceeded our expectations, and the maps/directions were 99.99% clear and easy to follow; kind people offered assistance when we occasionally puzzled over directions.”

“The bike tour company, Radweg-Reisen, did an excellent job finding interesting routes and cities, and the bikes they provided were well-outfitted and in good condition—they didn’t even need saddle or handlebar adjustments!”

Check out these photos below from their tour, and see their complete album here, which offers a great glimpse into this Bavarian Danube tour with beautiful photos and interesting captions.


It is nice to be off the busy road for our first ride.

Julane is standing by a history of the railroad and this tunnel. I could understand a little of the German.

At this T intersection, we turn right to enter Old Donauwörth. The next day, we will turn left to continue on to the next town on our route.

I loved taking this route along the Wörnitz river out of Donauwörth because it exposes us to more beauty that remained hidden while we explored inside the walls of the town.

Our boat is bike-friendly

The train is on time as usual 🙂

We’re moving on one pedal stroke at a time and loving the sunshine.

The food and drinks were great!

Riding along the Danube into Niederalteich.

The Inn river side of Passau

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