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Find the Perfect Bike Tour! Download our New “How to” Guide!

So, you know you’d like to take a bicycle vacation—but how do you choose from hundreds of bicycle tours available worldwide?  And, better yet, how do you find an overseas bike tour that matches your specific interests, preferences and budget?

To help bicycle tourists answer these and other important questions, BikeToursDirect has launched a new guide, “How to Choose an Overseas Bike Tour”—available for free download by clicking here.

Based on nearly a decade of experience helping thousands of clients plan their bicycle vacations, the free guide covers several key topics any bike traveler—from a first timer to an experienced overseas cycle tourist—should consider before booking a tour, including:

  • Top 10 questions to consider before choosing a tour
  • Money-saving tour options with locally-based overseas tour companies
  • Key differences between guided group tours and self-guided individual tours
  • How to choose a destination
  • Considerations for route type, terrain, daily distance and level of difficulty
  • Which tours are best for families and groups with varying levels of ability such as bike and boat or home-base (hub-and-spoke) tours.

BikeToursDirect also offers additional resources to help bicycle tourists choose a tour, including a Tour Search that provides a detailed search of more than 200 tours offered on the BikeToursDirect website.  With just a few quick clicks, a bicycle tourist can create a list of tours based on key

parameters such as country, guided or self-guided, level of difficulty, average daily distance, departure dates, price range and interests (i.e. family friendly, bike and boat, special values, wine and cuisine, honeymoon favorites, art and history).

Ready to get started on your search for the perfect bicycle vacation?  Click here to download “How to Choose an Overseas Bike Tour” or check out our Tour Search.


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