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Staff bucket list: Rachel’s multi-sport dreams

We at have the incredible job of talking about bike tours all day, every day. And we think you might be interested to know what we’d pick, if we’re picking (and we do often get to!). Read the staff bucket list and profile below, and see if you have any of the same interests or bucket list tours! Read all the staff bike tour bucket lists 

Meet Rachel
DSC_0425-300x199 Staff bucket list: Rachel's multi-sport dreams

Rachel Browder, digital content strategist & tour operator relations

Ruined on going places at an early age, Rachel has been known to tell people that being on the move is her religion. Whether it is tacking 4 hours onto a 12-hour road trip just to smell the ocean air, or hopping on her bike and heading out for dessert, she will always choose going over staying. Although she likes to go places to see the sights, Rachel’s insatiable curiosity prompts her to talk to strangers every chance she gets. For her, there is so much wonder and beauty in the people she meets, and collecting stories along the way is as good as finding gold. Her knack for connecting with others has served her well in European and Central and South American travels.

Rachel’s favorite travel experiences have been serendipitous, like wandering into a bar in Quito, Ecuador and finding walls covered with handwritten poetry from fellow travelers, or unwittingly stepping out onto the beach in Scheveningen, Netherlands on New Year’s Day and seeing thousands of people diving into the North Sea. Unplanned travel accidents are the best of all adventures.

A self-proclaimed gypsy, she has given up on the idea of finding a permanent “home” and figures she will have plenty of time to settle down and rest when she retires. Rachel is married to a vagabond, and together they teach their children that the world is as open to them as they are to it.

Rachel likes to live by Ray Bradbury’s words in Fahrenheit 451: “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”

Wandering, following recommendations from locals, teaching my kids about the world
Imposed itineraries, anything overly scheduled, repetitive activity
Talking to strangers, unplanned discoveries, big skies, a sense of adventure, creating stories
Cycling Style
I prefer casual cycling in an off-the-beaten-path sort of destination. I like to wander and explore rather than just reaching a destination. I want to bike, but I also want to hike, explore on foot, and get in the water.
Traveler Type

Bucket List

1. Chile’s Colchagua Wine Valley
Bike-and-Wine-Colchagua-Valley-12 Staff bucket list: Rachel's multi-sport dreams

I love Central and South America, and I’d love to explore a few places I’ve not been before. Oh, and I love South American wines, so Chile is a great choice! On this tour, you get to cycle an incredible wine region, tour a few vineyards, and enjoy wine tastings.

2. Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure

Screen-Shot-2014-12-28-at-3.07.02-PM Staff bucket list: Rachel's multi-sport dreams

Zip-lining through the jungle is just one of the activities in the Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure.

A multi-sport opportunity in Costa Rica is my ideal experience. It would also give me opportunities to explore for my early retirement home. This tour includes biking, hiking, zip-line canopy tour, sea kayaking, and stand up paddle-board lessons!


3. The Best of Nicaragua Multi-Sport Adventure

Again, I love the multi-sport tours. This tour includes kayaking, swimming, a surfing lesson, and, of course, cycling, through Nicaragua.
 Screen-Shot-2014-12-31-at-11.13.29-AM Staff bucket list: Rachel's multi-sport dreams

4.Quebec: Magdelen Islands Multi-sport tour (Québec, Canada)

This tour intrigues me because these islands are pretty remote and relatively unknown as a destination. I’m drawn to the various options each day of this itinerary: biking, walking, kayaking, kite buggying (!)–I like having the options.

5. Alaskan Adventure

I’d like to spend some extended time in Alaska for the incredible nature experience. Again, this tour appeals to my multi-sport adventurous side. The tour features bicycling, canoeing, hiking, sea kayaking, a spectacular drive across the Denali Highway, and an awesome glacier cruise across Prince William Sound.

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