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Staff trip diary: Richie in Oxford

Our tour specialist Richie headed to the U.K. for the first time last week and is keeping us apprised of his adventures with a trip diary! Here’s the second entry from a day in Oxford, a train ride to Glasgow, and day 1 of Scotland. See all of our tours in Scotland here > 


Day 3: Oxford


cslewis-quote2 Staff trip diary: Richie in Oxford

oxfordbikes-200x300 Staff trip diary: Richie in OxfordWe woke up early, grabbed some coffee and headed straight for the train station. We were on our way to Oxford. I was quite excited about this day trip since we would be traveling to the place where some of my favorite authors were from. After an hour-long train ride, we arrived. The buildings were simply stunning. No words can describe how magnificent these buildings are. They were enormous, yet contained more detail than any structure I am accustom to seeing, no matter what the size.

We walked around until we found the Eagle and Child. The Eagle and Chile, or Bird and Baby, is a pub that has been in business since 1650. That’s right, a pub that has been in business longer than my country has been around. In that time, it has had several notable people come through its doors, including a group of writers who called themselves “The Inklings.” This group of writers contained two of my all-time favorites, J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

eagleandchild-200x300 Staff trip diary: Richie in Oxford

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Having a pint and some lunch in the same place where these two greats used to meet was simply mind blowing. The whole time I was there I could not help but wonder what the conversations among The Inklings must have been like. It must have been here that both Middle Earth and Narnia were discussed. If only I could travel back in time within that place. Oh the stories the Rabbit Room could tell if only those walls could speak. Lunch in this restaurant alone was well worth the entire trip for me.













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