Don’t miss the boat! Special advance notice on 2019 bike and boat tours!

Bike and boat tours often sell out a year or more in advance. To help avoid disappointment for our clients, we asked our European bike tour partners to give us advance notice of 2019 tours.

They said yes! And we are therefore quite pleased to give our clients a head start on 2019 bookings —even before our partners promote the dates to the public.

These tours are sold out for 2018 but available for booking online for 2019:

Tulip Tour on La Belle Fleur
Amsterdam – Bruges by Bike and Boat – Fluvius (and reverse)
Amsterdam – Bruges by Bike and Boat – Magnifique I, II, and III (and reverse)
Tulip Tour on the MS Fluvius
Tulip Tour on the MS Magnifique/MS Magnifique II/MS Magnifique III
Holland’s Southern Relax Tulip Tour
Holland’s Super Tulip Tour
Danube Waltz Bike and Boat Passau – Budapest – Passau

These tours still have limited 2018 availability but can be booked for 2019 by contacting our tour advisor team:

Mosel and Lorraine by Bike and Boat
Amsterdam – Gouda – Bruges by Bike and Boat
Amsterdam and the Sea by Bike and Boat
Bruges – Antwerp – Amsterdam by Bike and Boat
Holland’s Southern Tour Bike and Barge
Holland by Bike and Boat, Northern Tour
Holland by Bike and Boat, Southern Tour
Mosel and Saar-Bike and Barge (and reverse)
Danube Delta by Bike and Boat
Danube Impressions Bike and Boat Passau – Vienna

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    • Thanks for your comment! Many of the 2019 dates, especially for bike and boat tours, is already updated online. If there’s a tour you’re interested in that doesn’t show 2019 dates, please email our tour advisor team at, and we’ll get back to you either with dates or when we expect to have them for that tour.

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