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We love hearing from travelers when they return from their trips, and we’d like to share some of the week’s best feedback! Here’s the top feedback from the week ending July 14, 2018.

National Parks of Dalmatia by Bike/E-bike and Boat

“Enjoyed every moment with guests, guide, and crew. The perfect way to experience the hospitality of Croatia together with guests from many countries.” Nanachan, Tokyo

Ireland’s West Cork on Tranquil Lanes Following the Coast

“I had been around Ireland three times, by tour bus, by car, and by bicycle. There is only one way to see Ireland…and that is by bike…and that is under the direction of our tour director, Don, who created and coordinated our incredible tour around West Cork. Having been to many countries around the world, I would rate undeveloped, magical, wild West Cork as the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen. It was made more so by the fact that we were cycling and could take it in slowly. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.” Jimmie, Maryland

Best of Holland North: Dutch Villages, Landscapes, and the Keukenhof

“The local tour company designed a beautiful and varied route through nature preserves, parks, farmland, and old and picturesque towns. Each inn was delightful in its own way.” DM, CA

Amsterdam – Bruges by Bike and Boat – Magnifique I, II, and III (and reverse)

“We enjoyed everything about this tour! We have participated in a few bike trips now and this was the best so far. The beautiful scenery of Belgium and the Netherlands was like a painting. The towns we rode through were so pretty- it was rose and hydrangea season! Always a good beer or rose plus some kind of sweet specialty on offer! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the area and took the time to get to know all of us. The Zwaantse Barge was great- the captain and crew friendly and professional, the cook prepared excellent meals every day! Couldn’t ask for a better week of riding!” KO, Vancouver, Canada

July 7, 2018

Albania’s UNESCO Sites with Rivers, Valleys, and Gorges

“Albania is a wonderful cycling destination, and the tour company did an excellent job with the route, rental bikes, support, accommodations. The hotels/inns were amazing; comfortable, beautiful, excellent locations. The bikes were well suited to the terrain and conditions. It’s impossible to overstate the beauty of the country, and a bicycle is the best way to appreciate the magnificent scenery. The roads are in good condition, but the inclines can be steep; it is necessary to train for this trip. But don’t put off a visit to Albania; it’s a complex, exotic country with easy-going, proud citizens who are eager for visitors.” JJ, MO

Cycling the Altmuehl Valley, Round-Trip from Regensburg

“Our first European Bike Tour was a success! We very much enjoyed the experience. The villages and scenery were interesting to pass through. The Altmuehl Valley is beautiful and the choice of cities for the overnight stays were great. Our bikes were first-rate and we didn’t experience any problems with them. were very supportive through the process.” ML, BC, Canada

Danube River and Black Sea

“Danube River and Black Sea was a wonderful trip. Our guides were great, the arrangements worked well, hotels were very nice, interesting food, learned a lot of interesting history, and saw a lot of beautiful scenery.” Auntch, MA

Cycling the West Balkan Triangle

“This tour was scenic, engaging, varied, enjoyable, rewarding. The route was well planned; we would arrive at the highlight of each day’s ride just at noon when the big groups had left for lunch so we didn’t have to contend with crowds. The Greek people are friendly, happy, and agreeable. The routes were scenic and just challenging enough. The rental bikes were well suited for the terrain and conditions, and the available GPS was a valuable aid. We loved the accommodations, and the luggage service was flawless.” AJ, MO

A Taste of Italy: Emilia Romagna

“This was our third time out with and each has been unique and fun. The Taste of Italy was well-named. Stops to see the production of parmesan cheese, gelato, and especially balsamic vinegar were terrific. Loved the cooking class!” Tom S, Oklahoma

June 30, 2018

Avenue Verte: Paris to London

“Why did I wait so long to take such a trip? It was close to a perfect trip. Physical, breathtaking sites, the provided equipment worked great, hotels were nice, except the first and last, which were perfect.” Kusiot2018, Israel

Baltic Capitals: The Historic Cities of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn

“We were unfamiliar with the Baltic states but wanted to visit and learn about them and bike. This trip exceeded all expectations! Our guide was informative, showed us many places while biking (as well as in the capital cities) and he was a whole lot of fun, drawing the group together. The biking routes are ideal….along the shoreline, through forests, often arriving at a castle or spectacular view. The hotels were excellent/great breakfasts and well located in towns. The schedule of trip was calibrated nicely to have a longer stay in Riga midway on the trip (a chance to do laundry, take a rest day–if desired, and sightsee….OR ride)

We rode at a good pace…everyone could keep up (one woman had a e-bike) and the distances worked well each day. I loved the two longer days on the bike because of the scenery, but on “”travel”” days we also had really nice rides through interesting landscape (after all, we also saw and learned about three countries). One of the very best trips we’ve taken (and we’ve taken many).” Anne, Cincinnati 

Berlin – Copenhagen (and reverse)

“The Berlin to Copenhagen bicycle path is an excellent way to tour some beautiful portions of Germany and Denmark.” MateoR, USA

Bordeaux by Bike and Boat: Castets-en-Dorthe to Fronsac (and reverse)

“Our boat-bike trip was wonderful. The bike guide paced the day perfectly. He had stops planned for food and the sights. I still am amazed at how many miles I traveled each day.” Gnat, Vermont

Camino de Santiago: From Porto to Santiago de Compostela

“This self-guided tour was perfect. We loved every minute of it from the actual routes to the hotels to the food to the amazing pilgrimage experience. Our guides were very attentive and always answered us promptly. Our luggage was always on time at the correct hotel. It was the trip of a lifetime! And a perfect way to bond with our young daughter after her graduation from college!” Lorenepyt, Virginia

Cycling Spain’s Land of the Conquistadors

“To be in Extremadura on a bike was a dream. Many hills but wonderful rewards. A lot of beautiful solitude in varied remote and rural landscapes.” Longlegs, California

Dalmatia from Dubrovnik Bike/E-bike and Boat

“The trip to Croatia was… fun, enjoyable, entertaining, informative, beautiful! The biking was pretty easy, very little traffic, if any at all. The guests on the boat were nice and the crew fantastic! Our guides were wonderful, always ready to help in any way, even giving instructions in multiple languages! The boat was absolutely beautiful and the food so delicious!” Chicky, Maine

Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging)

“The Danube from Passau to Vienna is a wonderfully-scenic and historic adventure and there is no better way to experience all of the sights and venues than by bicycle. We found the distances easily manageable for a couple in our 60s, the bikes were very comfortable and reliable, and the route directions were generally easy to follow. The accommodations were great, with the Schloss Durnstein particularly enchanting and staffed with wonderful people who were very welcoming and treated us royally. We’ve only been back a bit over two weeks and would love to repeat the journey.” Portland Lefty, Oregon

French Alpes Tour: Alpes and Ventoux

“A great mix of Alpine and Provence scenery. Wonderful small hotels with charming hosts and gourmet food! Challenging but not intimidating terrain with easy navigation. Would love to go back!” OldJoe, Tennessee

Greece: The Peloponnese Peninsula

“This was my first cycling tour – and it completely converted me – this is the best way to see/experience a country. Love the fact that you use local biking companies – they really know their country and how best to see it!” KDorman, North Carolina

Innsbruck to Salzburg: Through the Alps Along River Cycle Trails

“We’ve taken lots of bike trips, and this was one of our favorites. Innsbruck is well worth a day. The first day down the Inn River is a little disappointing; the valley is beautiful, but lots of light industry. After that it becomes spectacular. Up the Zillertal through farmlands, then over a high pass by van to Krimml and down the Salzach River all the way to Salzburg (not as interesting as Innsbruck unless you are really into Mozart memorabilia). We had electric bikes which were much appreciated, but it could be easily be done on conventional bikes. Accommodations were great as were the breakfasts.” JFred, California

Lake Constance Bicycle Path

“This was our very first bike tour and self-guided tour. We met up with friends who had taken a few tours in the past with We had an absolutely fabulous time. The hotels selected by Biketours were awesome. The route was spectacular. The bikes and the bike company were great to us. And being with 10 friends for 6 days was the best time of our lives.” JohnKrue, California

Lake Constance Classic (11-nights)

“We just finished the trip around Lake Constance and all in all, I can say that it was a wonderful experience. We felt like we much better understood the German and Swiss culture as a result of riding bikes. Most people we met spoke English “a little,” some better than others. Their English was certainly better in most cases than my “a little” German.”  DWSt, Colorado

Medieval Villages of Catalonia

“This was my first bike trip so I was a bit nervous but Lucy was amazing, she kindly installed the upright handlebars that I’d brought so that I could ride more upright. Lucy and Daniel gave us a very thorough briefing with maps and GPS devices. We had such an amazing trip I would highly recommend them!” Kimmer, British Columbia

Salzburg Lakes Tour: Around the Lakes in the Foothills of the Alps

“Well thought out routes and hotel selection. Three 60 and 70 something guys on level 3 Salzburg Takes Tour had a great trip with moderate riding. Variety of light to moderate terrain with scenery unparalleled on postcards was fantastic. Everyone we encountered from booking to bike and route briefings was outstanding, helpful and seemed to love what they do. I’ll be looking at future trips as this one ranked very highly!” UALift, Georgia

Salzburg to Vienna, Lakes Option

“This trip was truly stunningly beautiful. We were amazed at how much beauty and variety could be packed into one trip. Even though the directions were sometimes confusing, it was easy to figure your way around–the signage is fantastic and people are exceedingly kind and friendly. We really loved the self-guided option–it increased the sense of adventure, freedom, and self-reliance. All accommodations were splendid as were the breakfasts. We were amazed at how great the bike infrastructure is in Austria–way better than in the US. Everyone bikes and cyclists are respected. Motorists were very considerate of cyclists. Temperatures in Austria were WAY ABOVE NORMAL this year. The lakes part of the trip was some of the best riding we have ever done; we also loved the Wachau region. We wished that this part had been longer. If we had it to do over, we would add a day to the lakes and maybe take a train over sections of the Danube. . . Do not miss the ecological gardens in Tullin! We wished we could have spent a day there.” EB53, Massachusetts

Tuscany and Umbria: Cycling in the Heart of Italy

“We enjoyed our tour very much. We loved this method of touring the Italian countryside. The itinerary took us on very quiet country roads (sometimes on dirt roads) where we could stop at our leisure and take pictures. We are both 64 years old, and ended up using e-bikes for this trip, which turned out to be a very good decision. We worked just hard enough, we could enjoy the countryside, get a good physical challenge each day, but have enough gas in our tank to enjoy the evening tour and meal in town. The towns we visited were very enjoyable, a break from the crowds in Florence and Venice. Other bikers we met on our travels were friendly and helpful with tips. The Italian drivers were very courteous to bikers. It was a fantastic trip.” Dave64, North Carolina

Vienna to Budapest (Classic)

“It is a great way to see the countries and go through little towns while also exercising. Very relaxing and flat. Beautiful scenes of planted fields and the river. In outskirts of Bratislava there is a beautiful blue water lake you will ride by. Take bathing suit with you on the second day. It is really amazing.” Eurotraveler, US

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