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Inspiration, Stories / June 22, 2016

#WhyIBikeTour: A son turns 6 in Vienna

In our #WhyIBikeTour campaign, we’re profiling the many different travelers who choose to explore the world on two wheels. From young single travelers to adventure seekers to retirees, our travelers are as diverse as our tours.

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Photos provided by Kathryn Brookshire Brown

FullSizeRenderName: Kathryn Brookshire Brown
Age: 46
Currently residing: Utah and Louisiana
Profession: Photo stylist (see her work here!)
Travels with: Her family – husband Denis, son Wyly, and daughter Harriet

Why I bike tour

We all love to tour a new destination by bike because we love to exercise all day and then enjoy a beautiful meal and a great hotel at night! It’s best to see new sights slowly and if you want to stop and take a look, it’s easy to pull over and explore on foot until you’re ready to bike again. Plus, you meet the most amazing people this way!

Favorite memory while bike touring

Biking into Vienna, Austria on my son’s sixth birthday. We were on the self-guided Danube bike tour and had the most amazing day of picking up a picnic lunch in a small village and eating it on the side of the bike path next to a small grove of trees.

Then biking into Vienna at the end of the day was energizing and with a celebration that night for our son’s birthday, it was an experience he’ll never forget. He still talks about that day and it was almost three years ago.

Favorite route

Our favorite family-friendly path was the Loire à Vélo bike path as it was super well-marked with only a little time on big roads with cars. The people were really friendly and the accommodations were great. And did I mention the food and wine!? All of it was a delightful experience.

Bike touring advice

If you’re thinking about going on your first bike tour, do a small bit of research on family trips (if you’re with kids)….and then just go!

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