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Inspiration, Stories / June 22, 2016

#WhyIBikeTour: Expanding life one adventure at a time

In our #WhyIBikeTour campaign, we’re profiling the many different types of travelers who choose to explore the world on two wheels. From young single travelers to adventure seekers to retirees, our travelers are as diverse as our tours.

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Names: Fred and Ann Abeles
Age: 80 and 73 (respectively)
Reside in: Frederick, Maryland
Professions: Now retired, Fred worked at Ft. Detrick and Ann taught science at Frederick Community College and worked in research at the National Cancer labs at Ft. Detrick.

Why do you love to tour a new destination by bicycle?

Because the bike tour is a “safe” adventure, especially for an older couple, and gives us a chance to experience lots of new things. As we have learned from others “Every bike trip is an adventure – and every adventure expands your time on earth.”

What is one of your favorite memories/stories from bicycle touring?

Our favorite memories are of the friendly people we have met – whether we could speak the same language or not, there have been so many nice people that have helped us, asked about our trip, told us of more things to see, and gave us more background about what we are looking at.

Any advice for others thinking about going on their first bike tour?

  • For newbies, find a suitable trail near you with a town a comfortable distance away. Book a room, pack your panniers, and make a practice overnight trip. That will help you decide how to pack and will give you a good test of a “comfortable” distance to ride in one day.
  • Next, look on the web for a bike tour for “beginners” (like with BikeTours.com!) and sign up.
  • Be sure to choose less distance than you would ordinarily ride because now you are “touring.” You want to be able to stop, take photos, visit with the people you meet, and step into museums, shops, coffee houses. You need to allow time for these other activities because you are traveling, not racing.
  • Know how your bike works. Be able to adjust the seat height/angle and handlebars. Be able to remove both tires and fix flat tires. Know how to adjust the brakes and derailleur. Know how to operate the tire pump and what pressure your tires need, etc. Perhaps enroll in a bike maintenance class at your local bike shop. Ask the tour guide to show you how to make adjustments on your rental bike if you are renting bikes for the tour.
  • Make a list of everything you are bringing on your check-out trip(s). After the trip, see what you did not need, what you should have brought, and what you might have used to substitute for something you forgot. Then reduce the amount of stuff you are bringing next time.
  • Bring along some butt lubrication, chamois cream, etc. You will be riding every day on tour – and your nether regions will need attention!

Your favorite route you’ve cycled?

We have no favorite trip – they are all unique and great in their own way. You tour to the ee scenery, learn history, meet people, challenge yourself, and so many more reasons.

For couples, bicycle touring is a way to strengthen their bond. They are sharing and solving problems together.


Last year we each cycled slightly over 9,000 miles in the year – lots of daily short rides to keep fit, longer rides of 30-60 miles with friends, and several bicycle tours. And we’re still at it. We just finished two tours in Holland with another scheduled!

Why do you bike tour? Share your stories by e-mailing stories@biketours.com or by tagging @biketoursdotcom or #whyibiketour on Facebook or Instagram when you post pictures or stories.

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