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Inspiration, Stories / June 22, 2016

#WhyIBikeTour: The small villages and everything between

In our #WhyIBikeTour campaign, we’re profiling the many different types of travelers who choose to explore the world on two wheels. From young single travelers to adventure seekers to retirees, our travelers are as diverse as our tours.

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Names: Bud and Elizabeth Jones
Age: 72, 73 (respectively)
Reside in: New Zealand
Professions: Bud is a retired drummer in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; Elizabeth is currently the head of education at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Why do you love to tour a new destination by bicycle?

We used to hike more than cycle. We did a number of hiking trips across Europe, and decided we were ready to try something different. We loved to bike anyway, so it was the perfect choice for us.

What’s your favorite bike touring memory?

I think it’s all the great little villages we went to, that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. They’re the most important thing. Like in (the Italian) Piedmont, we were in Alba and Alessandria and Asti – they were all great little villages.

Any advice for others thinking about going on their first bike tour?

It’s important to understand the difficulty of the bike tour you choose and be prepared for that difficulty. For example, in Piedmont, there are lots of hills.

It’s also important to go with the right local operator. We love BikeTours.com – who helps connect you to the most quality local tour operators and handles the complete booking process – so I would suggest them above all else.

Your favorite route you’ve cycled?

So many! We’ve had some superb guides. It was really good having great guides to teach us things along the way.

Why do you bike tour? Share your stories by emailing at stories@biketours.com or by tagging us @biketoursdotcom or #whyibiketour on Facebook or Instagram when you post pictures or stories.

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