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Inspiration / November 11, 2016

5 reasons why your honeymoon should be a bike tour

All-inclusive resorts and romantic getaways have their perks, but for those in search of a post-wedding trip that’s filled with a little more adventure and excitement, a bike tour honeymoon is the way to go.

If you still need a little convincing, check out these top five reasons below (from a couple who has actually done it!), including pics from their bike touring honeymoon in Sardinia!

5 reasons to trade your beach time for the bike

1. To get away from the crowds

We chose a self-guided tour so that we could be on our own. We were able to get up and start when we wanted (we just had to be sure our bags were in the lobby by 10am). And we were able to go at our own pace.

For us, it was all about the detours. We stopped to eat apples in the shade of a tree overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. We walked the quartz-covered beaches of Is Arutas. We toured ancient ruins and castles. And we sat on a bench in the center of a small town, the sun shining on our faces, as we took in the view of hills rolling through the valley below.

Each day we had a route, a map, recommendations for lunch and dinner, and places to see along the way. That was it. We started each day with little-to-no-timetable. Each ride took three to four hours and we had the rest of the day to explore. We visited castles, cafes, ancient cathedrals, bars and pizza shops, Phoenician ruins, gelato shops, museums, wineries, small towns and villages, and gourmet restaurants. We explored on our own, without having to follow a group schedule, but equipped with the local knowledge needed to get the most out of the trip.

2. To adventure together
romantic bike tour
The happy couple on their honeymoon, a self-guided bike tour in Sardinia

Wendell Berry once said, “Always in the big woods when you leave familiar ground and step off alone into a new place there will be, along with the feelings of curiosity and excitement, a little nagging of dread. It is the ancient fear of the Unknown, and it is your first bond with the wilderness you are going into.”

Each day of our tour was exciting and something new. It was like Christmas morning on repeat, but even more exciting. Where would today’s ride take us? What would we see? We both felt like kids, seeing and experiencing the magic of the beautiful world for the first time.

3. To be active, and to relax, together

We were never bored. Three to four hours of cycling was the perfect amount of activity for the day. We had plenty of time to explore small towns along the way and the places where we stayed each night.

Along with the exploring came time to sit back and enjoy: to read books on balconies overlooking beautiful old villages, sip champagne, and watch the sunset over the sea.

4. To add some variety

Bike touring in SicilySardinia, where we toured, is rich in culture and variety. There are influences from mainland Italy and Catalonia and Spain, not to mention the native Sardinian traditions. The cuisine ranges from fresh seafood and fine cheese to wine, pork, beef, and various cured meats. And bread. Of course, the bread!

Since we were not staying in one place, we experienced the variety of landscapes, food, and culture of Sardinia. One morning we woke up in a small town nestled in the mountains. Our ride that day started with a climb over a ridge, through old growth forests that hid ancient monasteries and ruins of towers believed to be built over 2,000 years BC. There was fog hugging the thick moss covered forest floor. It was surreal.

We cycled passed rock outcroppings and a medieval castle situated on a rocky point, overlooking the land below that ran all the way to the sea. We descended toward the sea, dropping out of the forest over 3,000 feet in elevation, our hair blowing in the wind, smiling like 5-years-olds playing in a backyard sprinkler for the first time. That day of cycling ended at a sandy beach. We sat close and watched surfers and paddle boarders negotiate the incoming waves.

5. To make memories that last a lifetime

Bike touring honeymoon

We started the journey of our lives together with an adventure. Seeing the Mediterranean Sea from the castle walls of Bosa is amazing. But what was more amazing to me was seeing the smile on Emily’s face as she took in the view. We felt like we were living in a movie. It was easily the best trip of our lives thus far.

We shared each and every moment of the bike tour with one another, forming memories that will surely last our lifetimes.

Written by former BikeTours.com staff member Richie Daigle

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