Car(e)-free cycle touring. Eleven favorite tours on dedicated bike paths!

If you’re a newbie to bike touring or simply just enjoy stress-free bicycle touring, taking a tour on dedicated cycle paths might be just the thing for you. has a number of tours that are along dedicated bike paths or greenways, which are typically built just for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Most feature asphalt surface, though some are on packed gravel or dirt. Most also have superb signage, as they’re central to local or regional tourism efforts. (But, keep in mind, not all bike paths are traffic free, as some sections might run parallel to car traffic or allow local resident vehicle access.)

Check out 11 of our favorite tours where you spend much or all of your time on dedicated bike paths.

1. Danube Bike Path 7 Nights (Service Plus)

One of the most famous cycling routes in Europe, and one of the most accessible! The path is lined with rest stops, plenty of signage, easy riding through some of the bigger cities. Full of natural beauty and historical landmarks, this trip is sure to cement your love of Austria and the region.

2. Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging)

Much like its seven-night counterpart, this tour of the Danube provides routes along dedicated bike paths with mostly-flat terrain. Add in an extra night and some 4 and 5-star accommodations, and you have yourself a memorable adventure through Passau and Vienna, a stop at the Abbey at Melk, and a taste of some wine (if you so choose!) at Wachau.

3. Aare Cycle Route: Along the Jura, Aare, and Rhine Rivers

We’re not saying you should build your travel plans entirely around the opportunity to test out some Toblerone chocolate right at the source, but we’re not saying you shouldn’t, either! This Swiss adventure lets you pass by the magnificent Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger Mountains, and along the Aare and Rhine Rivers, all on a dedicated bike path or easy local roads. As an added bonus, see the Rhine Falls up close on the tour’s boat excursion.

4. Burgundy Wine Trails: Beaune to Macon on the “Voie Verte”

For the wine lovers out there, this tour is a perfect chance to try all things wine: tour through the wine-making villages Pommard and Volnay, visit the homes of local winegrowers, and taste the lush and varied wines of the region. Travel on mostly-flat terrain on dedicated bike paths and paved surface. 

5. Catalonia by Bike Path: Cycling along Via Verde to the Sea

Brush up on your Catalan and head to the Via Verde, a repurposed railway track. You’ll see the stunning Costa Brava, the largest volcanoes in the Spanish Peninsula, and the timeless medieval city of Girona. Not only does this tour include mostly-dedicated bike paths and shorter daily distances, but you’ll get to unwind each night at hotels with swimming pools, and two nights by the beach!

6. Innsbruck to Lake Garda Across the Southern Slopes of the Alps

The overwhelming beauty of the Alps will provide the backdrop on this tour through medieval cities frozen in time. Travel along the Rivers Inn and Adige to castles in Trento, olive groves near Lake Garda, and monasteries in Stam. This easy route has the added bonus of cycling you through fruit orchards and vineyards!

7. Munich to Salzburg: The Capital of Bavaria to Mozart’s birthplace

Two cultures are connected in this biking tour from Munich, Germany to Salzburg, Austria. Munich serves as the starting point with an impressive historical ambiance and lively cultural center. Leaving Munich, you enter the beautiful scenery of Bavaria, with the imposing Alps in the background. Traveling through the Bavarian Lake District, you cycle past rolling green hills, forests and lakes. Home to Mozart, Salzburg is a festival town of delectable cuisine and is a wonderful finish to a delightful cycling tour.

8. Dolomites to Venice Along the Old Dolomites Railway Track

With only slight inclines and declines, this tour is suitable for most ages and skill levels. Cycle scenic villages and stop to explore historic Höhlenstein Valley, including the war cemetery and an area used as the front during World War I. Peruse the charming shops along the canals in Treviso, and spend the night in Venice after cycling along the Adriatic Sea.

9. Tauern Bike Path (Krimml–Passau)

Following along the Salzach and Saalach Rivers, this dedicated bike path is a beaut with the magnificent Alps in the background. The one-week tour includes lots of time to make stops along the route, allowing you to experience Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg and the Bavarian Bad Reichenhall. With signposts lining the way and a mostly-flat path, this tour is perfect for families with children, too.

10. Lake Constance Classic (11-nights)

For newbies who also want to get a lot out of their tour, this is a good place to start. You’ll explore three beautiful countries (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) and four islands (Reichenau, Mainau, Lindau, and Werd). The tour also adventures to Rheinfall, the largest waterfall in Central Europe, and the spectacular “Flower Island” of Mainau. With short daily routes and flat paths, this trip offers plenty to see, and an easy ride to get there.

11. Best of Holland Family Tour

“Best of” is a truly fitting qualifier for this trip. Tour chocolate, cookie, and cheese factories, visit a clog-production factory, and never tire of all the windmills. Check out the train museum, and spend some time exploring the charming village of Stavoren. The majority of this tour’s route is on flat terrain, and you even have the opportunity to shorten many of the day’s rides.

Can’t decide if you’re a real newbie? Check out our blog post for novice riders. If you are new to the whole bike tour thing, you might also consider taking a guided tour.


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