8 Reasons why you should cycle in Romania

This article was written by BikeTours.com client James Collora, who recently took the Medieval Transylvania Heritage bike tour

1. The country of Romania – especially Transylvania – is a well-kept secret from most American cyclists, however there are many reasons to consider a cycle tour in this country. And, it’s a perennial favorite of BikeTours.com.

2. The Carpathian mountains offer many vistas from which to observe the country. For the most part, the landscapes are picturesque comprising small villages and farm plots.

3. The fortified churches are spectacular structures; many are United Nations World Heritage sites – and the churches are open and active with Sunday services available to visitors.

4. The gravel cycle trails through the forests, and in many cases are well marked and maps are available.

5. The food is well-prepared at the many small restaurants found on the cycle trails.

6. There are many reasonably-priced hotels in the small towns and villages in Transylvania. The accommodations are comfortable and breakfast is offered at no additional charge in most cases.

7. There are good bus and train transportation options available between Bucharest, the Romanian capital and the towns of Transylvania that are located on the natural cycle paths. Bicycles can be taken aboard the trains and buses.

8. The local tour operator offers many bicycle tours in Transylvania. These are usually guided tours, supported by a sag wagon. The Bike hosts are very focused on the safety and comfort of their guests throughout each tour.

Want to learn more about tours in Romania? Email a tour specialist at info@biketours.com. And, be sure to check out all of our tours in Romania here.

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