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Tours and Destinations / May 15, 2018

Cycling in Catalonia

By Lucy Kinnison and Daniel Herzberg

Spring has truly sprung in Catalonia. The skies are blue, the wildflowers are all shades of reds, yellows, and purples, and all of these colors are offset by the amazing green of the pine trees.

Who wouldn’t want to hop on a bike and go for a pedal?

It seems that all sorts of cyclists are out and about:

  • The large groups of team road riders from Girona in their matching kits and on matching bikes.
  • The groups of friends having a spin on the weekends.
  • The mountain bikers heading off to bash out some of the amazing single track.
  • The families and other recreational cyclists on the dedicated cycle paths.

Two wheels rule here, and the cars are respectful of the riders. Who wouldn’t be? They all have a smile on the faces as this is cycling at its best.

And if this weren’t enough, Catalonia has the delicious mix of countryside, beaches, and history that make it a truly remarkable place to visit. You can be cycling past fields of dancing red poppies to reach a medieval village that appears not to have changed for almost a thousand years. The main difference today is that, instead of knights arriving on their trusty steeds, for ale and bread, cyclists and walkers arrive to eat delicious food made from the freshest ingredients.

And then, in stark contrast, the wild coast of the Costa Brava offers craggy headlands and hidden coves, where you will come across whitewashed fishing villages with old connections to Cuba. Sitting in one of the waterfront restaurants, or even a restaurant right on the beach, you can tuck into a hearty paella, topped by juicy Palamos “gambas.”

The amazing contrasts of Catalonia are easily reachable by cycling at a leisurely pace through the quiet country lanes along a well-marked cycle network.

Daniel Herzberg and Lucy Kinnison are founders of Creative Catalonia: “For us, a day out on foot or bicycle exploring the hidden corners of this cyclist and walkers paradise is without a doubt the true joy of being here. We love to share our local knowledge and experiences with others and that is the reason for the creation of Creative Catalonia.”

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