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The Nitty Gritty: The Danube Bike Path

Danube bike path tours are a client and staff favorite, whether that’s from the boat deck or a smattering of quaint B and B’s. You’ll discover here the practical information you need to plan your next trip on the Danube Bike Path.

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The Danube Bike Path
Known as one of the most popular cycling routes in Europe, the Danube Bike Path follows the river of the same name. The most popular section runs from Passau, Germany, across the border to Austria and onward to Vienna, one of the world’s cultural capitals. Along the way, there are stunning river landscapes, picturesque villages, and medieval towns, as well as castles, monasteries, vast gardens, and sprawling vineyards.

There is something for everyone on this tour – diverse landscapes, big cities and small towns, forests, vineyards, ruins, monasteries. As a bonus, they are all accessible via easy, stress-free cycling.

Type of cycling
The cycling is very leisurely and laid-back. Each day you will have a few hours of riding, allowing plenty of time to explore, sightsee, and wander. Hybrid touring bikes are used for most of these tours, and are a good combination of comfort and leisure (without being too heavy).

The terrain is flat, and the surface is typically paved and smooth. You may encounter various terrains when traveling through towns, like cobblestones or brick pavers, but the overall tour is mainly on a bike path. The path is well marked with signs in case a little reassurance is needed.

The tour operator will provide a packet for you upon arrival that includes many helpful documents. The map of the bike path and the directions to each night’s accommodations are the most helpful.

The map of the bike path is used each day to decide your route. It will aid you in determining which side of the river you want to travel on, what to see, where to stop for lunch, and more. It’s necessary to cross at various times during the tour to ride on more favorable terrain, to get to a town, or to visit a certain destination of interest. Sometimes it’s necessary to board a ferry (with your bike) to transfer across the river.

The directions to the hotel will help guide you from the bike path to your accommodations. Sometimes the hotel is right on the bike path, and sometimes you will cycle for a few minutes into a nearby town.

Your fellow cyclists
You will see a variety of people on your journey. There are often groups of seasoned cyclists riding along self-supported and others on supported tours (like we offer, where all your luggage is transported each day for you).

You’ll see solos, families, locals, and tourists on this bike path.

Oftentimes, there is someone or even a whole group that will have a similar schedule to you. This is a great opportunity to make new friends!

This tour is very safe. Just remember to be aware of other cyclists and pedestrians on the bike path and pay attention each day when traveling to/from your accommodations as you may encounter some traffic.

Traffic is encountered mostly at the beginning and end of each day when going to and from the bike path and the accommodations. Sometimes the bike path is adjacent to a road, but it’s always a dedicated bike path.

Be sure to spend an extra day (or five) in Vienna. The city can be intimidating as it’s huge and there is so much to do, but it simply begs to be explored!

Tours along the Danube

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