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Tours and Destinations / May 15, 2018

Our top 6 bike tours for foodies for 2018

Let’s face it: the food is one of the best parts of vacation. And with any European bike tour you pick, you can count on delicious, authentic cuisine that will surely be on your “best meal I’ve ever had” list.

But for the serious foodie, there are tour options that specifically cater to even the most sophisticated gourmand.

  1. Cycling and Cooking in Tuscany– A trip that combines fantastic bicycle routes and cooking lessons, all in Italy’s famous region of Tuscany. After you have worked up an appetite biking through the rolling landscape of Tuscany, you will cook and eat the best food!
  2. Croatian Vineyards and Villages of Undiscovered Istria– A tour where you’ll pass through a landscape of hills framed by rivers, forests, vineyards and olive groves. Take a break at the winemaker’s and taste indigenous wines such as Malvasia and Teran, treat yourself to tasty delicacies and experience all the charms of Istria.
  3. Alsace Picture Book: Wine, Food, Culture, and Tradition – A tour in beautiful Alsace, a great wine-making region proud of its identity. Its white wines are delicious accompanied with one of the countless local specialties.
  4. Wine and Bike in Hungary’s Balaton Uplands – This tour is a combination of bike, wine, culture, rural and eco-tourism, and features wonderful local wines with delicious cuisine.
  5. A Taste of Italy: Emilia Romagna – You’ll ride through Italy’s premier pasta region. Every meal will include extraordinary local dishes made according to tradition.
  6. Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia – When you’re done with this trip, you’ll have a hard time deciding which was better: the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, or the delicious delicacies you ate (and cooked for yourself!). The abundance of wine and cheese will delight, but the authentic Italian pasta (malloreddus, culurgiones, and fregola) will inspire.

Love food but not sure if you’re a card-carrying foodie? Find out if this tour style is right for you! (Hint: it is!)

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