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Inspiration / December 1, 2018

This week's client raves and faves!

We love hearing from BikeTours.com travelers when they return from their trips, and we’d like to share some of the best feedback!

Swiss Lakes by Ebike: Lake Geneva to Lake Zurich

“I can still hear the cowbells! I thought I knew what to expect coming into this tour, but I completely underestimated almost everything about this trip. The scenery blew my mind every second, the hotels were MUCH better than I realized they’d be (Category A all the way), the hills were steeper, the fondue tastier, and the rejuvenation and “reset” for my well-being… I just didn’t even realize how GOOD I would feel just from saying yes to this experience.

I loved it and would recommend making it longer if you can, add a day to the middle somewhere (possibly Lucerne) to allow yourself more time to soak in the beauty that is Switzerland. My only complaint is that it went too fast. I’ve been on 3 bike tours and used a hybrid touring bike for each of them (I opted NOT to use an e-bike on this trip). This was definitely the most challenging itinerary I’ve experienced with a hybrid bike, but I would choose a hybrid again if given the chance to do it again because I loved the challenge. If you aren’t a strong rider, definitely get an e-bike, we are talking about the Swiss Alps!” Jackie, MT

Best of the Algarve by Road Bike

“We booked the self-guided tour, and loved it! Bikes, maps, GPS, panniers, and lots of tips were all provided! The routes were beautiful, the hotels were great, and I would go back to Portugal in a heartbeat!” Cara, NH

Venice to Florence: From Rialto Across the Sea to Ponte Vecchio

“So glad we chose this tour as a way to experience Italy for the first time. Our tour guide was available and helpful. The route was perfect, coincided with the directions and GPS. E-bikes suited our group well. So fun!” Becki, OR

Highlights of Dalmatia by Bike/E-bike and Boat

“An exceptionally nice tour. Everything was managed very well. The rides were safe and almost exclusively on well-paved surfaces. All staff, both guides and crew, took great care of all of us. Because this was a guided tour, there was no reason to worry about getting lost. This was a stress-free tour with lots of creature comforts and gorgeous scenery and plenty of history all around.” Bubbles, DC

“Just the perfect weather! Very engaging and knowledgeable guides. The crew was friendly and helpful. The food was yummy. So, in addition to the breathtaking scenery, the tour was well organized and the staff… I’m grateful. I will be seeking another adventure with this company.” 

Greece: The Peloponnese Peninsula

“We love feeling like locals, eating like locals, seeing the country the way locals do. Mostly away from touristy places. This was exactly what this tour was about. Combining Greek history, mythology, archaeology, authentic Greek food in authentic tavernas, experiencing warm Greek hospitality, reveling in the natural beauty of the mountains and the warmth of the sea. What more can I say? It was an incredible trip made possible by the Arcas team, local to Greece, coordinated thru bike tours.com. Thank you so much!!!” Manuel and Maria

Castles and Wines of Portugal

“Our self-guided tour was a wonderful experience. We were very happy with all of the rich, multi-sensory stimulation we experienced every day on the trip. Lots of variety and interest, especially for us who are very interested in history and local culture. Highlights were getting to visit up close and in a very informal and uncrowded manner the many historic sites – castles, prehistoric graves and boulder installations, village crafts workshops, medieval churches and cathedrals as well as the pleasant agricultural countryside. We particularly liked it that we experienced zero crowds of other tourists. By the way, the castle that you show in your photo was where we had lunch one day. We were the only persons there. It was our hottest and longest day, so we really needed the rest, refreshment and tranquility. Special highlights were the beautiful, historic inns where we stayed – converted palaces and convents several hundreds of years old. It almost made us feel like royalty, and for a modest price, too.” SB, NC

Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging)

“This was a great way to experience Austria. Along the bike path are vineyards, castles, restaurants, monasteries and a concentration camp. We were able to start late morning (to accommodate the teenager sleeping schedules and work commitments) and go at our own family pace throughout the day. We selected the upscale accommodation version and enjoyed something unique at each place. The ride along the path was level, as promised. This is a very popular path and there were many other cyclists to connect with along the way. We had a great time as a family of four riding, sightseeing and reconnecting. I would highly recommend this trip to any active person/family.” Family 4, CA

Medieval Villages of Catalonia

“This was my first bike trip so I was a bit nervous but Lucy was amazing, she kindly installed the upright handlebars that I’d brought so that I could ride more upright. Lucy and Daniel gave us a very thorough briefing with maps and GPS devices. We had such an amazing trip I would highly recommend them!” Kimmer, British Columbia

Salzburg Lakes Tour: Around the Lakes in the Foothills of the Alps

“Well thought out routes and hotel selection. Three 60 and 70 something guys on level 3 Salzburg Takes Tour had a great trip with moderate riding. Variety of light to moderate terrain with scenery unparalleled on postcards was fantastic. Everyone we encountered from booking to bike and route briefings was outstanding, helpful and seemed to love what they do. I’ll be looking at future trips as this one ranked very highly!” UALift, Georgia

Salzburg to Vienna, Lakes Option

“This trip was truly stunningly beautiful. We were amazed at how much beauty and variety could be packed into one trip. Even though the directions were sometimes confusing, it was easy to figure your way around–the signage is fantastic and people are exceedingly kind and friendly. We really loved the self-guided option–it increased the sense of adventure, freedom, and self-reliance. All accommodations were splendid as were the breakfasts. We were amazed at how great the bike infrastructure is in Austria–way better than in the US. Everyone bikes and cyclists are respected. Motorists were very considerate of cyclists. Temperatures in Austria were WAY ABOVE NORMAL this year. The lakes part of the trip was some of the best riding we have ever done; we also loved the Wachau region. We wished that this part had been longer. If we had it to do over, we would add a day to the lakes and maybe take a train over sections of the Danube. . . Do not miss the ecological gardens in Tullin! We wished we could have spent a day there.” EB53, Massachusetts

Tuscany and Umbria: Cycling in the Heart of Italy

“We enjoyed our tour very much. We loved this method of touring the Italian countryside. The itinerary took us on very quiet country roads (sometimes on dirt roads) where we could stop at our leisure and take pictures. We are both 64 years old, and ended up using e-bikes for this trip, which turned out to be a very good decision. We worked just hard enough, we could enjoy the countryside, get a good physical challenge each day, but have enough gas in our tank to enjoy the evening tour and meal in town. The towns we visited were very enjoyable, a break from the crowds in Florence and Venice. Other bikers we met on our travels were friendly and helpful with tips. The Italian drivers were very courteous to bikers. It was a fantastic trip.” Dave64, North Carolina

Vienna to Budapest (Classic)

“It is a great way to see the countries and go through little towns while also exercising. Very relaxing and flat. Beautiful scenes of planted fields and the river. In outskirts of Bratislava there is a beautiful blue water lake you will ride by. Take bathing suit with you on the second day. It is really amazing.” Eurotraveler, US

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