photo and video contest winners!

We asked our clients to submit their best tour photos and videos, and boy did they deliver!

Take a look below at all the worthy winners!

Photo Contest Winners

People’s Choice award

Title: Serenity
Entrant: Lori Stevens
Tour: Venice to Trieste and Istria
Description: The peace of riding through the countryside of Italy enjoying all the sights and sounds of nature.

The people you meet: introduce us to the people you met and friends you made along the way

Title: Sorting Grapes by Hand
Entrant: Sharon Astor
Tour: Rioja: Hidden Spain, Land of Wine
Description: We were on our bike route when we happened by an open “garage.” It turned out to be part of a winery where they had a special group hand sorting grapes. These grapes were to be used in a different kind of wine than grapes pressed by foot. We even got a special tour of the winery by the owner. It was our lucky morning!

The food: tempt our taste buds with your snap of delicious local cuisine

Title: Meersburg Pasta Man
Entrant: David Burnham
Tour: Lake Constance Bike Path
Description: After a great tour of the castle, we wandered through the cobblestone old town and this jolly man invited us to taste his pasta!

Slow travel: show us how bike travel lets you experience a destination with any or all or your senses

Title: Slow Travel
Entrant: Melanie Wood
Tour: Danube Bike Path Self-Guided
Description: On a bicycle, you can easily stop and sample the local produce. There’s nothing like traveling at 10 mph, feeling the sun on your face and smelling the fertile earth and grapes.

The view from two wheels: take a postcard-worthy picture of the beautiful sights

Title: Czech Reflections
Entrant: Lisa Lantz
Tour: Vienna-Prague Greenways (We no longer offer this tour, please contact us if you are interested in booking something similar.)
Description: Telc was the loveliest town we biked through, on a trip defined by lovely towns, and the setting of the chateau was stunning!

Video Contest Winners

First Place

Title: Cows
Submitted by: Claude Allision
Description: Something you don’t see every day
Tour: Innsbruck to Lake Garda Across the Southern Slopes of the Alps

Second Place

Title: Kusiot 2018
Submitted by: Guy Vachtel
Description: We had so much fun!
Tour: Avenue Verte: Paris to London

Third Place

Title: Passau to Vienna
Submitted by: Kristin Mann
Description: My best friend and I decided to do a bike tour after hearing Traveling Jackie’s podcast and her experiences. We spent a few days in Munich and then headed off to Passau for the start of our amazing trip filled with amazing food and amazing hotels. The video is a compilation of all the fun we had!
Tour: Danube Bike Path (Upscale option)

People’s Choice Award

Title: Burgundy Wine Trail 2018
Submitted by: Steve Harrell
Description: Movie trailer of photos and videos of Burgundy Wine Trail
Tour: Burgundy Wine Trails: Beaune to Macon on “Voie Verte”

Honorable Mention (5 prizes)

Title: Buonconsiglio Castle – Trento, Italy
Submitted by: Scott Kling
Description: Beautiful view of the castle with the surrounding town and mountains.
Tour: Bolzano to Venice

Title: Fairytale aka Castle Duino
Submitted: by Haleigh Petroe
Description: View from the castle on the way to Trieste
Tour: Venice to Trieste and Istria

Title: Bicycling in Italy….that’s amore!
Submitted by: Jo Wessels
Description: It became evident right away that “a little bicycling, a little sightseeing, a little food, and perhaps a little bit more wine” was the cadence of this amazing “Through the Heart of Italy” guided tour. Bicycling through small villages, huge vineyards, ageless castles, and close to spectacular lakes hallmarked a week’s experience of a lifetime. Wine and olive oil purchases we made on day tours were shipped back to the states…. and are now disappearing too quickly as we savor memories of a perfect Italian biking trip!
Tour: Florence to Rome: through the Heart of Italy

Title: Road to Imst
Submitted by: Claude Allison
Description: Great bike paths
Tour: Innsbruck to Lake Garda Across the Southern Slopes of the Alps

Title: “Elvis” and his boat
Submitted: by Haleigh Petroe
Description: Boat taxi ride
Tour: Venice to Trieste and Istria

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