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Inspiration, Tours and Destinations / February 10, 2019

Four ways to explore Austria’s Danube Bicycle Path

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Year after year, Austria’s Danube Bicycle Path tops the list of most popular European bicycle routes for BikeTours.com clients, and it is easy to understand why.

The tours highlights include:

  • Care-free cycling primarily on a dedicated, paved bicycle path
  • Cycling through picturesque medieval towns, lush farmlands, and sprawling vineyards
  • A leisurely route perfect for families and first-time cycle tourists

The typical tour is one week and begins in Passau, Germany, the “City of Three Rivers.” It ends in Vienna, Austria’s capital and a top tourist destination, where we suggest clients spend a few extra days. Another plus: the prices are great if you are on a budget, with self-guided tours starting under $800 for one week, which includes hotels, breakfasts, luggage transfers, detailed maps, route information and a service hotline in case any questions or problems arise.

Tours along the Danube take various forms. Here are a few of our most popular options:

  1. Classic European hotel-based tour. The Danube Bike Path 7 Nights (Classic) tour is the one that started it all. We have offered this tour for 15 years and it’s a favorite to this day. It offers the option of 3- or 4-star accommodations and is self-guided.
  2. With luxe lodgings. The Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging) is a self-guided tour from Passau to Vienna for cycle tourists who want a bit more plush accommodations. The itinerary includes some of the best hotels in the region, so you can play hard and rest hard each day.
  3. By bike and by boat. On this Bike and Boat tour, cycle tourists stay on a comfortable boat (cabins with shower, toilet, and air conditioning), while cycling at different locales on the Danube Bike Path each day. Cyclists (or non-cyclists) have the option each day to take a break and relax onboard.
  4. With your family. The Danube Family Tour offers shorter daily distances, due in part to scheduled boat rides along the route on many days. It features stays in family-friendly hotels and incorporates kid-friendly attractions. Activities are included such as a fairytale ride on the grotto railway, visits to zoos and an adventure park, and a ride on the giant Ferris wheel in Vienna.

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