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Tips and Advice / March 23, 2019

Electric Bikes: The burst of energy you just might want on your next bike tour!

Our BikeTours.com travel ambassador Jackie Nourse has traveled around the world and back again, but never by bike. (Until now!)

A bike newbie, she recently discovered a little bit of bicycle “magic:” electric-assist bikes! Read on to see what she learned about the great “equalizer.”

On the Castles and Wines of Portugal bike tour, I was lucky enough to cycle with a few super awesome travelers from the US. One of those travelers was Laura, who kept zooming past me every time we started up a hill.

Her secret? She was riding an electric bike, or an “e-bike.”

I finally caught up with her (literally, after a loooooong hill) to ask her about how the bike works, what she liked about it, and if she found it easy to use. Watch the video to see how magical these bikes can be so you can decide if riding an e-bike might be a good choice for you on a future tour.

“We like to say that the “e” in e-bike stands for “equalizer,” because it makes it so much more possible for people who are not as strong as their riding partners to keep up with them. People who used to have to take separate vacations can now ride together.” – Jim Johnson, Founder of BikeTours.com (quoted from The Budget-Minded Traveler podcast)

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