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Tours and Destinations / April 10, 2019

A baker’s dozen tours sure to change your bucket list

It may be time to add a few bike tours to your bucket list!

With more than 200 destinations across Europe, BikeTours.com has can’t-miss tours for every traveler.

Here are 13 of our favorite tours to help you achieve your #travelgoals.

Albania’s UNESCO Sites with Rivers, Valleys, and Gorges

With its long and complex history, some say traveling to Albania is like going back in time. Once closed to foreigners, the country is picking up some steam as a must-see destination. For now, though, it still remains greatly untouched by tourism. This tour includes UNESCO sites, snow-capped mountains, inviting beaches on the Albanian Riviera, an authentic subsistence culture, and exceptionally friendly people.

Salzburg to Prague: Through the Heart of Europe

With the Alps setting the stage for this seven-night tour, you’ll start in Salzburg, head to Linz, and cycle on to the medieval Cesky Krumlov. Don’t forget Prague and other small Austrian treasure towns, dotted with ancient castles, deep green forests and rolling hills, little villages with church steeples along the countryside.

Cycling the West Balkan Triangle

This tour cycles you near the hills and mountains of the Dinarids, along the seashores settled by medieval towns, picturesque villages, and valleys in Bosnia. You’ll visit three countries over seven nights: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina with stops at historical sights and stunning vistas.

Berlin – Copenhagen (and reverse)

Cycle between two of Europe’s greatest capitals as you experience the lush green of Germany’s Havel River and Mecklenburg Lakes. With Denmark’s varied countryside, you’ll encounter cliffy coasts that turn into beaches and fishing villages that change into manor-home filled towns.

Baltic Capitals: The Historic Cities of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn

The Baltic coast and the National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia offer breathtaking scenery on this ten-night tour. You’ll explore an UNESCO World Heritage site and a variety of local beauty, including storied villages and charming countrysides.

Greece: The Peloponnese Peninsula

Greek archaeology and culture abound on this Peloponnese tour. Combining mountains and the sea, you’ll see a variety of landscapes and Greek beauty. You’ll also visit some of the most important archaeological sites in Peloponnese, such as ancient Mantinea, ancient Tegea, Argos, ancient Lerna, and the walls of ancient Tiryns. This tour is a perfect mix of modern and classical Greece.

Treasures of the Donegal Coast

The luck of the Irish will greet you on this tour through stunning stretches of coastline and panoramas. This tour is packed with history of the region, including stone age court tombs, bronze age dolmens, Celtic ring forts, and early-Christian standing stones and monasteries. Take a break to visit rural pubs, where the hospitality of the locals will soon have you feeling like you are in a second home.

Florence to Rome: Through the Heart of Italy

Fall in love with Italy while cycling through three of its most beautiful regions: Tuscany, Florence, and Rome. This guided tour takes you up-close-and-personal with Italy’s stunning landscapes, rivers, rich history, and delicious cuisine.

Castles and Wines of Portugal

Castles, wine, and the charm of Portugal. Beautiful rolling landscapes filled with vineyards, olive groves, cork oaks, and grazing land accompany you on the tour, which includes tasting the delicious Alentejo wine and sampling traditional local fare.

Medieval Transylvania Heritage

This guided tour takes you along country roads and pastoral landscapes far from the crowded routes to enjoy the incredible Transylvanian scenery. You’ll pass historic architecture, preserved since the Middle Ages. Tour through UNESCO World Heritage churches, castles, remote villages, and even the medieval city of Sibiu, named the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007.

Camino de Santiago: From Leon to Santiago (Guided)

The Camino pilgrimage is an epic journey-turned-bike-tour that started in the 9th Century with the discovery, in Galiza, of the remains of St. James. In 1325, the Portuguese Queen Isabel made a pilgrimage to Santiago following a route very similar to the one that today is marked with yellow arrows. Take your own journey as you cycle through plains, Roman towns, old castles, and monasteries.

Tour of Mont Blanc: “High Mountain” Biking in the Alps

With its seven valleys, 71 glaciers, and 400 summits, the Mont Blanc is a sight to behold. Cycle from Chamonix, France, through the Martigny Valley, to Courmayeur, Italy, and back to France. The trail brings you through alpine flower covered pastures, passes glacial lakes, skims below glaciers and snowy summits, crosses deep valleys and climbs high altitude passes. Riding around Mont Blanc is about discovering the magic world of “high mountain” biking.

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