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Tips and Advice / April 28, 2019

Come rain or come shine: picking your bike tour based on weather preferences

There’s a lot to consider when picking your ideal bicycle tour– like when and where to go! In addition to the sights and scenes you want to see, think about the temperature you prefer for cycling.

While we can’t predict the weather, there are climates throughout Europe that are perfect for cycling.

Here are some of our most pleasant picks.


If you’re looking for more temperate weather, travel April through June or mid-September to October. Be prepared for higher temps if visiting in July and August and into September. Expect it to be toasty throughout Italy in these summer months, especially in southern Italy and inland. We’d suggest cycle touring before or after the summer months or heading to a higher elevation during summer.

We recommend:
Spring or fall in Tuscany
More about the weather in Siena

Travel into summer in the Dolomites
More about the weather in Trento


The weather in France is quite varied. Northern France tends to be a bit wet and unpredictable, like its neighbor, Great Britain. Paris tends to be similar to New York, but not quite as extreme temperature-wise. Southern France (think Loire) and the western coastal areas are typically balmier.

Be sure to take layers and a rain jacket for spring and fall travel in France. June, July, and August are quite often warm, but have the least chance for rain. Bike touring in France can be enjoyable from March through October, but it’s best to be prepared and do a bit of destination-specific research.

We recommend:
Spring or fall in Provence
More about the weather in Avignon


The temperatures in Switzerland are quite similar to the northern United States, while slightly less extreme. Spring and fall are great bets for milder temps and offer the highest probability of cycling through a cattle procession going up (or down) the mountain as they change pastures. Summers are mildly-warm, with temps reaching into the mid-80s with low humidity. Switzerland is an excellent, even temperature-d country for bicycling.

We recommend:
Swiss Lakes for the cycling season
More about the weather in Interlaken


Compared to other Scandinavian countries, Denmark’s weather is quite mild. Summer is definitely the time for cycle touring. In May, June, and July, the days are long and the temps are ideal. You’ll likely experience a few cool nights, so bring a layer or two. August is quite nice, but tends to be the rainiest month. Cycling in Denmark is a dream come true — especially if you are seeking a cooler summer destination.

We recommend:
May-August, any tour in Denmark
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