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Inspiration, Tips and Advice / June 14, 2019

Welcome Wes!

We have a new face on our team, and we’d like to welcome him on board.

About Wes

Hailing from the Midwest, Wes’s love for the outdoors, travel, and rock climbing developed while he was attending University as a photography major. Following a three-year stint in California, Wes eventually found himself back in Chattanooga, TN. Wes is a saltwater aquarium hobbyist, amateur woodworker, and full-time dog dad.

Recent travels, and what he loved most

Wes recently visited the island of Oahu. While he was enamored with the snorkeling, breathtaking vistas, and natural beauty at every turn, he was also delighted by the quirks of traveling to a place with a different culture, even though that place was still in the same country.

One of Wes’s favorite things about Hawaii was the colloquial English. In addition to Hawaiian words such as “Mahalo” or “Aloha,” the lingo is such that sentences are often shortened to leave out descriptive words and get directly to the point. For example, someone would say “Staying Oahu” instead of “I’m staying on Oahu.” While it took some getting used to, Wes found this shortened speech pattern fit the fun-loving, laidback attitude of the locals perfectly.

An additional highlight of Wes’s Oahu experience was the unique feel of one side of the island compared to the other. The Waikiki side was the bustling tourist attraction that you’d expect, with plenty of restaurants and shopping. The North Shore was the nature-filled, relaxed, yet surf-crazy Hawaii of your dreams. He enjoyed the unique little gems in between the most but prefers to leave those for others to discover themselves.

Wes’s experiences are just a reminder to relish the opportunities for discovery that travel provides. Whether that’s figuring out (or being forever perplexed by) the quirks of the local language or simply exploring a new place.

What Wes brings to the table

As a Tour Advisor, Wes keeps his eye meticulously on all the details, aiming for the perfectly-arranged tour and striving for everything to come together just right. More about Wes…


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