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Tips and Advice / September 3, 2019

Best Hotel-Based Cycling Tours for Groups

In search of the next vacation for your group and not sure what to plan? Perhaps, you’d even prefer to do a little less planning. Consider a group bike tour in Europe. Hotel-based bike tours include lodging, luggage transportation, breakfast, and more. The only planning you’ll need to do is motivating the group and getting to your destination!

On a hotel-based bicycle tour your crew will spend each day cycling through new scenery, immersing yourselves in the surroundings, and snacking, exploring, snapping pics, and sight-seeing along the way. While you ride to your next hotel, your luggage will be transferred ahead of you so it’s there when you arrive. You can change out of your cycling clothes and explore the area near your hotel for a taste of local cuisine.

Tours vary in rider level, location, duration, and more. There is sure to be something that your group will love. Read on for our recommended hotel-based tours. 

The Danube (Austria, Germany)

The Danube bike path is ideal for group travel. It’s easy to navigate, a flat and leisurely ride,  and is mostly on a dedicated cycle path, making for stress-free cycling. This is the quintessential European experience, with a little something for everyone — vineyards, quiet countryside, a bustling city (Vienna), and quaint towns and villages.

We’d recommend the family tour for those with younger members in their group, the Danube Classic for the group who prefers the flexibility of a self-guided tour, or the upscale version if you’re seeking those 4- and 5-star accommodations!


The Mosel Bike Path is another excellent bike path-centric tour featuring leisurely rides and numerous vineyards. It’s a wonderful self-guided, stress-free option for groups of all sizes.

Austria and the Czech Republic

Salzburg to Prague is an excellent choice for those who want to cover longer distances and travel to several classic European cities. This tour has a little of everything – from castles to panoramic views of the Alps, quaint churches adorning small towns, and lush green forests.


Take a self-guided trip to Umbria’s Green Valleys. It’s all that Italy has to offer minus the crowds, and it’s less hilly than Tuscany. Delicious food and wine, friendly locals, and wonderfully preserved medieval towns.  This tour stays in each night’s accommodation multiple nights, making for a little slower and more relaxed overall feel and is recommended for smaller groups.


Prepare yourself for the wonderful juxtaposition of craggy, rugged coasts and beautiful countryside, modern and ancient, active fun and relaxation that is the Catalonia region of Spain. We suggest the Medieval Villages of Catalonia tour. It’s offered as private guided (just your group) or self-guided.


Ride from the mountains to the sea on Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula. Take a dip in the Aegean after a long day’s ride, visit archaeological sites to your heart’s content, and enjoy delicious local cheese, seafood, and olive oil. This tour is a self-guided group favorite. (A tip from past clients: get the GPS!)


The Loire a Velo: Orleans to the Atlantic tour features multiple duration options (5, 9, or 13 nights) – the choice is up to you and how much you love your group members. You’ll experience stunning chateaux, great food, interesting wine, and beautiful landscapes. 

Or perhaps Provence? Think Roman ruins, national parks, vineyards, fragrant fields of herbs, delectable food and wine, too. We’d recommend the guided version.


Wine and Bike in Hungary may be the top tour we’d recommend to groups. Guided or self-guided you’ll explore the romantic Hungarian countryside while enjoying traditional foods like goulash and strudels and local wines!


A warm Mediterranean breeze awaits you on the Algarve Coastal Route tour. You’ll find each day a delightful mix of leisurely lunches, coastal vistas, fishing villages, Roman ruins, and more. This tour is offered year-round, and support services are a la carte – so it can be as supportive as your group desires.

Still have questions, or don’t see the destination you’re seeking? Contact our tour advisor team. Or see our recommended bike and boat tours for groups


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