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Tips and Advice / January 22, 2020

What is a rider level?

Rider level is the term we use to provide guidance regarding the experience you desire to have on your bicycle tour. It takes into consideration the type of cycling you normally do, whether that’s little-to-none or professional-level. We’ve categorized tours by rider level so that you can find programs to best suit your cycling style and ability. We’ve based our ranking on factors like route details, daily mileage, cycling surface, and terrain. While most of our tours cover about 20–40 miles per day and are designed for travelers who enjoy a slower pace, a variety of options are available.

The rider level of a tour is an important consideration when trying to find your perfect tour. Read the descriptions below to see which one resonates with you.

Rider level: Leisure


I am active at home regularly, but I don’t necessarily cycle. Shorter daily distances or even a few days of moderate distances don’t bother me, as long as the terrain is mostly flat. If I encounter a hill or two, I’d prefer it to be a gentle incline, but I’m okay with walking my bike if I have to. The thing I will most enjoy on my active vacation is cycling leisurely and having lots of time to stop and take pictures, have a picnic lunch, or visit a castle!

If this sounds like you — check out our Leisure tours! Or our recommendations:

Best of Holland North: Dutch Villages, Landscapes, and the Keukenhof
Mosel Bike Path: Dreamy Mosel Valley from Trier to Koblenz
Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging)

Rider level: Recreational

Carter Company

I like to ride my bicycle, but I’m no fancy spandex-clad cyclist. Sometimes I commute to work, but not every day. And sometimes I ride my bike on the weekends. I like shorter to moderate distances, and a few hills don’t intimidate me. However, I prefer small inclines or infrequent hills. If I have to huff and puff up one big hill, I’ll survive. I would like to spend my days on tour both cycling and sightseeing.

If this sounds like you — check out our Recreational tours! Or our recommendations:

Nature, Villages, and Castles of the Loire River Valley
Wine and Bike in Hungary’s Balaton Uplands
Royal Zealand and Copenhagen

Rider level: Active

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

I can be found on my bike frequently, commuting to work, attending local rides, and/or traveling to cycling a new trail on weekends. I am comfortable with moderate to long distances. I know how to climb hills and pace myself in various terrains. I want to cycle at a quicker pace. The cycling itself is as much of an appeal as the tour destination and sights.

If this sounds like you — check out our Active tours! Or our recommendations:

Northern Spain: Cantabrian and Asturian coasts
Atlantic West Coast and Sintra
Loch Lomond to Edinburgh: Lakes and Valleys of Scotland

Rider level: Enthusiast


I live on my bike. Just kidding. I commute to work every day and/or ride looooong distance multiple days a week and extra on the weekends. I am excited by a challenge whether that’s long mileage days or never-ending steep climbs. The destination is a bonus to all the cycling I will be doing on tour!

If this sounds like you — check out our Enthusiast tours! Or our recommendations:

Tuscan Wine Classic: Pienza to Castellina via Siena
French Alpes Tour: Alpes and Ventoux

4 years ago

What about United States e bike tours
I like ve Europe etc but would like more US tours next year because of Covid 19

BikeTours.com Staff
4 years ago

Hi Delores, we are currently looking into the feasibility of US tours. I see you have recently subscribed to your newsletter, yay! Please be on the lookout soon in the newsletter for a survey about travel and US tours so that we may have your full input. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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