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Tips and Advice / March 1, 2020

Information and resources regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

-Updated August 3, 2020

We know that current events are weighing heavily on everyone’s minds. The purpose of this post is to share updates regarding COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) and to provide information. We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy as we continue to face the unique challenges of this pandemic.

At this time we have reached out via email to all clients with departures in 2020. We have contacted all booked guests through the end of this calendar year to provide guidance or options. If you did not receive an email from us, please check your spam folder for this message. Please reply to this message or reach out so we may assist you.

We thank you for your kindness and patience as we address requests and concerns with the imminence of departure in mind.

Please note that many European tour operators have resumed tours as of June 2020. If you desire to cancel a departure that has not been canceled by the operator standard cancelation fees apply.

It’s unrealistic to provide timely updates and report new developments specific to COVID-19. Please defer to the recommended resources below.


United States
U.S. Department of State
The U.S. Department of State issues travel advisories for a variety of reasons including crime, terrorist activity, civil unrest, health, natural disaster/weather, and current events.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC provides travel health notices to inform travelers about current health issues that may impact travelers’ health.

Government of Canada
The Government of Canada Travel and Advisory page provides alerts and warnings for countries worldwide.

European and global perspective
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
The ECDC identifies, assesses, and communicates current and emerging threats to human health for the EU.

World Health Organization
The WHO works worldwide to promote health and keep the world safe by providing travel advice and advisories.

European Commission
The European Commission provides links to each country’s website where you may find updates from the respective countries (please defer to English language site versions). 


4 years ago

I am booked to leave for May 31 on Avenue Verte- Paris to London. I have not received an update as your email suggested. I would appreciate updates. Every other tour company that I have booked with this year has given us updates, credits for rescheduling, etc. This is the only company who is not communicating.

BikeTours.com Staff
4 years ago

Hi Roz,
Our records indicate that the tour advisor team reached out to you on March 16 (with options) and you responded on March 18, stating you would like to revisit in one month's time, and there is a new email from you today. You're in the queue for the team today to review your new email, and they will respond with an update per your request. I hope this is helpful information, thank you for your comment.

4 years ago

Really? As a result of the lockdown situation both in our country and in Spain, we notified you of our intention to postpone our tour scheduled for April and you asked for increased surcharges and fees. That is why we asked for a refund, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, which is a force majeure event, and you decided to penalize us, stating that it is standard cancellation and we are not entitled to an entire refund, since we may freely travel in April, I quote from your email: “As of March 11, 2020, all tours are operating as scheduled and booked in Spain”.
We are deeply disappointed in you. You are simply taking advantage of clients, under the Coronavirus pandemic. You are just asking for far-fetched fees when your customers agree in good faith to postpone their tours. You are not willing to assist us, you are just hoping to make profit at our expense, while the whole planet is fighting the Coronavirus. Shame on you!

BikeTours.com Staff
4 years ago

Dear Simona,

Thank you for reaching out to voice your frustration and disappointment. We can empathize. This is an unprecedented and stressful time for everyone. We’ve had (and continue to have) ongoing discussions as a company regarding how to best handle this ever-changing situation. Decisions and plans are made, evaluated, and re-made seemingly by the minute.

The information relayed to you via email was accurate at the time and date of the email. Our tour advisor team worked with you over the course of several days to find a solution regarding your request.

You asked us to re-book your tour for August, but the new date you requested was during the high season when tour costs--especially hotels--are higher. Our tour operator partner even contacted hotels to negotiate lower rates, but you would not accept anything above the original tour cost, so we could not proceed. The change in the cost would have not resulted in an increase in profit but only covered the actual tour costs charged to the operator.

As the above was not a viable solution, we negotiated a decreased 25% cancelation fee from the tour operator, a reduction from the 50% that would have applied at the time of your cancelation. The date of cancelation was before your destination, Spain, declared a state of emergency and before the country was under lockdown. We understand that the world is not operating under normal circumstances, and therefore we must look to government offices and the dates on which events occur to act in the most consistent and fair manner to our clients and our tour operator partners.

Note that BikeTours.com does not charge or retain cancelation fees but passes on those charged by the operator. We work on our clients' behalf in these situations trying to provide support while also knowing we will get zero compensation for the time we've spent. That's part of our commitment to you and all clients.

We understand this doesn’t seem fair, and that it’s upsetting amidst the hundreds of other uncomfortable changes to our everyday lives. We are doing our best each day to serve our clients, and I’m sorry that we were not able to find a better solution for your request.

Jim Johnson, founder and president

Misty Funk
4 years ago

Just want you all to know that I am thinking of you as this whole ordeal is happening. This company and your European partners have faithfully served so many individuals, couples, and families over the years, and I'm rooting for you all during this time of great uncertainly. Best of luck to you, your vendors, your customers, your staff, and to your founder, Jim. Sending you all warm wishes, lovingkindness, and my heartfelt prayers!

BikeTours.com Staff
4 years ago

Misty - thanks so much for your kind words and positivity; we appreciate them very much! We're all facing this same struggle and uncertainty together, and we're taking everything day-by-day. We send you all the same goodness back!

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