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Inspiration, Stories / April 6, 2020

Bike Tour Memories: Photo Edition

For this week’s bike tour memories, we’re going to share photos. Thanks to all who sent in photos to share!

Superb Slovenia

From: Randel and Molly Osborne

In September of last year, my wife and I had an absolutely spectacular tour of Slovenia! We were a little apprehensive at first, as no one we knew had ever been to the country, but we put faith in our BikeTours.com experts.

We had been watching the long-range weather forecasts prior to our departure and disappointed to learn that rain was predicted for our entire trip. We geared up with lightweight slickers and waterproof socks and prepared for a soggy trip. We had a little drizzle the first day of biking, but nothing but glorious sun and cool breezes blowing down from the Alps for the rest of our journey.

We celebrated our anniversary with a wonderful dinner in the castle atop Ljubljana, and then set off to explore a fascinating country!

We were unprepared to have such a small country make such a significant commitment to open space, with beautiful parks, crystal clear water, and spotless sidewalks. Slovenia is by far the cleanest country that we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

The people were wonderful, the food exquisite, the caves breathtaking, and the beer a perfect reward after a long day of pedaling.

I’ve attached a few photos, and I look forward to our next adventure with BikeTours.com.

Bonus story: (See the last photo of a small white building with a bear on it!) We left Vrhnika in the morning and were on the road to Postojna, which became narrower and more rural every mile. At some point, it was simply a path through a forest, very serene, with no people or signs of civilization for miles. My wife and I noticed a series of concrete structures at regular intervals, and I eventually stopped to examine one more carefully and take a photo. A Google search on my phone seemed to indicate that these were buildings to shelter in case of bear attack. Needless to say, we pedaled with renewed vigor toward the next village!

Photo bonanza!

From: Sunil Savara

I am happy to share photographs of (one of) the two tours that I took with your organization, and which are easily some of the best times in my life… I am hoping to take another tour with my family next year as well.

He has shared his photo album from a tour he took in 2012. You’ve got to check it out!

A wedding surprise

From: Kathy Mullen

One memorable memory was on our 2017 trip with Jim and the group to Bulgaria… of this wedding that we encountered in the countryside.

Retirement celebration

From: Elaine Warren

I absolutely loved traveling by bike through France. It was so beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was my retirement trip with my husband, sons and their girlfriends.

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If you have a memory you’d like to share, email us: tailwinds@biketours.com.

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