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Tours and Destinations / October 19, 2020

Top family-friendly bike tours for 2021

When it’s time for your family to take its next vacation, chances are you’re going to be looking for something with a little more excitement and a little less hassle. Like where the logistics are planned, and all you have to do is show up and enjoy. And where there’s a little something for everyone, including memories to last a lifetime!

A family-friendly bike tour fits the bill!

Because let’s be honest: You’ve done the beach trip, schlepping the chairs, the packed cooler, and the bag of sandcastle accessories to and from the car every day. You’ve tried the amusement park thing, with the long lines, blistering temps, and $12 bottles of water. You’ve even attempted the purely historical excursions, which always end up being less about the Battle of Bunker Hill and more about the battle of getting your kids to get off their phones.

Biketours.com believes that family trips can be a chance for the group to live a little, and learn a lot, all while having a whole lot of fun. We offer many trips that will work for the whole family, with tours tailored toward the needs of children of all ages.

Here are the top family tours for 2021.

1. Danube Family Tour 7 Nights

How about a trip down one of Europe’s best bike routes, all at a slower, family-friendly pace? You’ll see beautiful castles, magnificent vistas, and you’ll cap off the ride with the famous (and family favorite!) Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel in Vienna! And the accommodations will do more than leave the light on for you: one night you’ll stay at a working farm where the kids can feed the animals, and you’ll get to relax poolside on another night. The path is downhill, perfectly paved, and virtually traffic-free, making it a great pick for riders of all ages.

2. Connemara Lazy Days Cycling

Light on daily mileage and high on breathtaking views, this is the perfect family bike trip to explore the Irish countryside. The eight-day/seven-night trip averages about 22 miles a day, giving the family ample opportunities to feast on traditional Irish cuisine and learn about the country’s history with stops at Connemara National Park, Killary Fjord, and the Kylemore Abbey and Gardens.

3. Ionian Islands Multi-sport Family Cruise

If you’re looking for a little variety, this trip is the one for you. With opportunities to bike, swim, canoe, and hike, there’s a little something for everyone. In fact, we don’t often recommend bike and boat tours for families with young children (they can be tricky, with smaller quarters, occasional thin cabin walls, and minimal non-cycling activities on board), but this trip was built with families in mind. Tour the Greek Isles, explore the caves of Melissani, and check out Paxos, home to a quarter of a million olive trees!

4. Best of Northern Zealand

Where better to take a family bike tour than Copenhagen, the Bike Capital of the World? What’s more, this trip is full of activities that will appeal to every interest, with art museums, castles, and coastline rides. There’s even an amusement park during the trip, for a little added family fun time.

5. Greenways of Girona Family Tour 5 Nights

Bike tour along the Girona Greenways, with shorter rides ideal for families with children. Featuring spots aplenty to discover — such as volcanic areas, forests and river marshes. In Girona, there is plenty to see and do, like visiting the Cathedral or the ancient Jewish Quarter, one of the best-preserved in the world. The final section of the greenway takes you to the Mediterranean Sea. You can spend the rest of the last day relaxing and on the beach.

6. Bicycle Paths of the Dolomites (based in one hotel)

If you want the option of exploring with the comfort of a home-base hotel, this is the tour for your family. This extended stay at the same location will also allow for an elective rest day for those who might want to opt-out or relax while others go out on their ride. You’ll get to experience the Schloss Bruck castle, along with the Cristallo Mountain. Then travel through the Gsies Valley, an area known for its peacefulness.

7. Tauern Bike Path (Salzburg-Salzburg)

On this family trip, you’ll get to experience the highest waterfalls in Europe while in Krimml. In Hallein, you can tour the Salt Mine, which dates back more than 7,000 years. Riders can even take a dip in the small freshwater Lake Zell. While starting and ending in Mozart’s birthplace of Salzburg, this tour is the perfect cultural adventure, with views of the Hellbrunn Palace, the Hohensalzburg Castle, and the Nonnberg Abbey.

8. Lake Constance Bicycle Path

With a slightly-hilly first three days, this intermediate ride is great for families with teens and older children. The lake will take you through three countries and four islands (Reichenau, Mainau, Lindau, and Werd). With the majestic Alps lining the route, this trip offers some Bavarian fun in Lindau, the orchards of Kressbronn, and the floating theatrical stage in Bregenz.

9. Best of Holland Family Tour

With flat routes and plenty of activities to try, this tour is great for families. And we’re not just talking windmills, here. The family will get the chance to tour chocolate, cookie, and cheese factories (don’t worry—you can ride it off). You can see how clogs get made and even tour a train museum. You’ll also be bombarded with the natural beauty of Holland, including climbing dunes, regional wildlife, and quiet nature reserves and lakes (where you can take a swim!).

Did we pique your interest? Now decide what type of tour is best for your family.

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