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Inspiration, Tours and Destinations / November 1, 2023

Historical Cycling Day Tours - Pedal into the Past

Piazza di Trevi, Rome, Italy. Gabriella Clare Marino@Unsplash
Piazza di Trevi, Rome

History - it’s what gives our lives meaning. The past shapes the present, which shapes the future. The journey of human transformation, innovation, and exploration - it is this drive for an ‘ideal’ future that has defined civilizations, eras, and movements.

Discovering the diverse history of humankind is thrilling, fulfilling, and extremely powerful, and there’s an efficient and enjoyable way to delve into the past everywhere you go. Allow BikeTours.com to guide you towards several historical day tours that will expand your mind, your knowledge, and your appreciation for the history of human endeavor.

Whether you’re a pedaling pedagog or a youngster riding to improve their report card, our historical day tours are here to advance your understanding of some of the most significant epochs in human history.

Fascinating, fun, and factual, each city tour by bike combines adventure with the accumulation of insight that helps you get under the skin of a city, understand the history of its people, and see how these eras shaped the urban landscape your guide is leading you through.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy. Hank Paul@Unsplash
Inside the Colosseum, Rome

Why take a historical cycling day tour?

Pedal towards top grades in your project by discovering a place in person, hearing your guide expand on facts found in the history books, and feeling the mood of these sites of historical significance.

Bike beside the Berlin Wall and sense the presence of this piece of Cold War history. Take your own pictures of the murals to enhance your project, and gather insight from your guide that gives your knowledge the edge.

City bike tours allow you to glide between the sites of greatest significance to enhance your perception of a period, so your understanding will go from 0-100 in just a few hours.

Cyclist riding around a fountain. Martin Magnemyr@Unsplash
Discover stunning architecture by bicycle

Ride alongside guides who offer brilliant commentary about the area, prioritize safety, and know the cities like the back of their hand, including the best cycle paths and areas for avoiding traffic. Bikes are nearly always provided or available to rent, so all you have to do is focus on the facts.

Who are historical cycling day tours suited to?

School trips often fail to inspire, but a cycling day tour will get your students fired up. Watch them as they bike to a better understanding of the topics from their textbooks. They’ll see history come alive before their eyes as they find out what it feels like to be in the place where it all ‘went down’, to ride past the ruins, to marvel at the murals, and to pedal into the past.

Plus, it takes some of the pressure off the teachers! Your guide is expertly experienced in guiding large groups, considering traffic and safety, and guaranteeing a good time your class will be clamoring to tell their friends and family about when they get home.

Family riding along a path. Mark Stosberg@Unsplash
Cycling day tours are a fun way to engage children with history

And you don’t have to be young! Perhaps you’re a polymath who wants to soak up authentic history wherever you travel - after all, understanding the story of a city makes its present-day reality so much more intriguing, impressive, and engaging. Learning what a country has had to overcome, what its people have had to endure, what a city stands for, and how it intends to shape its future is a fascinating way to leave with a true appreciation for its identity, as well as an investment in its continued innovation and success.

Lungotevere Castello, Rome, Italy. Gabriella Clare Marino@Unsplash
Lungotevere Castello, Rome

Got an ancestral link to a city and want to understand a little more about what your family lived through? Glide to a greater understanding of the experiences that shaped the lives of your ancestors on a city bike tour that brings the backstory of your relatives into better focus, in turn, helping you to understand your place in the world.

Perhaps your parents lived through a communist regime, endured the chilling realities of Cold War Germany, or struggled to advance the cause of Civil Rights in the American South. Learn of the legacy of your ancestors in shaping the cities that exist in today's world, and feel a closer connection with family members here and gone.

Historical day tours can have a powerful effect on you and your group. It’s more than just a bike ride - it’s a rediscovery.

Where can you enjoy a historical cycling day tour?

Below, you’ll find BikeTours.com’s best picks of historical day tours to help you pedal into the past. Find the very best bike tours in Europe, the USA, or Asia, and remember, we’re always here to help you find your ideal holiday, whether you're traveling alone or looking for a group bike tour.

Tourist in Venice, Italy. Joshua Earle@Unsplash
Venice, Italy


Berlin, Germany

Berlin Wall & Cold War Bike Tour - Discover a chilling chapter in Berlin’s history

Lady seen cycling through a gap in the Berlin Wall, Germany. Morgana Bartolomei@Unsplash
A cyclist seen through a hole in the Berlin Wall

Explore the gripping tales of the historic Berlin Wall and Cold War on this fascinating, memorable bike journey. Pedal to the pivotal locations that defined this somber chapter in Berlin's past, beginning at the Zionskirche, an emblem of East German resistance.

Bike on to Bornholmer Straße, the very site of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and immerse yourself in the memory of the moment when the entire world held its breath.

You’ll uncover amazing stories of daring escapes at Bernauer Straße, the sole fully-preserved fragment of the Berlin Wall, frozen in time as it stood in the late 1980s and now home to the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Explore the Nordbahnhof and listen to your tour guide recount stories of the eerie ‘Ghost Stations’, infamous for their haunting ambience in the deserted, dimly-lit terminals. Then, behold the Kieler Eck, a former Berlin watchtower now transformed into a poignant tribute to victims of the GDR border forces.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany. Raja Sen@Unsplash
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Bike to the iconic Brandenburg Gate, once a symbol of a divided Berlin, now a symbol of unity. This sets you up to check out Checkpoint Charlie, a former border crossing now transformed into a museum manned by guards dressed in authentic uniforms.

A pedal to the ‘Palace of Tears’ is a poignant experience. Parking your bicycle on Friedrichstraße, a former checkpoint, listen to your guide explain the history of this street as a place for heartrending farewells between visitors from West Berlin and their restricted East Berlin family members.

For an unforgettable day of Cold War exploration that will send shivers down your spine, your search ends here.

Palermo, Italy

Palermo Antimafia Bike Tour - Tour the Mafia’s reign of terror

Chiesa della Magione, Piazza Magione, Palermo, Italy. Snappa2006@Flickr
Chiesa della Magione, Palermo

Delve into the captivating legacy of the Mafia’s reign of terror in picturesque Palermo, a city of exceptional beauty with a complex past. Gain insight into how this enchanting city struggled in the grip of the Sicilian Mafia, an era which reshaped the perspectives of Palermo’s resilient population. This day tour unravels their journey for peace and protection.

Pedal to the picturesque Piazza Magione and marvel at the breathtaking Basilica La Magiona. Here, you’ll learn of the enduring legacy of Giovanni Falcone, a judge and magistrate who dedicated his career to overthrowing the Sicilian Mafia. Then, further along in the tour, find yourself admiring Albero Falcone, a tree near his former residence where the people of Palermo gather to leave messages of peace and hope.

Fontana Pretoria, Palermo, Italy. Adelio@Unsplash
Fontana Pretoria, Palermo

Pedal to Ucciardone Prison via the Castello a Mare, an ancient fortress that once safeguarded Palermo’s harbor, where the crenellations continue to command attention. The Ucciardone serves as the ‘home’ for many Mafiosi, who are confined within the walls of this formidable 19th-century jail. Park your bicycle in its imposing shadow and listen to your guide’s stories of those incarcerated within.

A visit to Via D’Amelio offers a chance to stand at the very site of the Via D’Amelio bombing by the Sicilian Mafia. This tragic event in July 1992 claimed the life of the anti-Mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino, marking a somber day for Sicilians yearning for a future free from fear.

Your bike tour begins to wind down at Bottega dei Sapori e dei Sari di Libera, the 'Workshop of Knowledge and Flavors', located within the former headquarters of the Mafia, which has since been reclaimed and transformed into a force for good. Discover unique souvenirs at the fairtrade market, explore the anti-Mafia library, and gain insight into Libera Terra's inspiring initiatives that bring hope and opportunity where they are needed most.

Interested in delving into a different dimension of Palermo’s past? Take a peek at the Capuchin Catacombs Bike Tour Palermo.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Communist Bike Tour - Discover the dark secrets of communist Bucharest

Experience the aftermath of the Second World War, a time when freedom dawned for some but oppression cast its shadow on others. The exchange of Romania for Greece at Yalta by Winston Churchill sealed Romania's fate, subjecting it to a 12-year Russian grip. By 1965, the ominous clouds of communist rule under Nicolae Ceaușescu had descended, and Bucharest endured several challenging decades.

Captivating architecture in Bucharest, Romania. xinquinhosilva@Flickr
Captivating architecture in Bucharest

Gaze up at the astonishing grandeur of the People's Palace, a colossal structure weighing 4.10 million tonnes, second in size only to the Pentagon among administrative buildings worldwide. During its construction, Ceaușescu poured a staggering 5-6% of the country's GDP into what many Romanians regarded as an extravagant vanity project, intended to project Ceaușescu as a regal and invulnerable figure.

Socialist Victory Boulevard, Bucharest, Romania. Christina Kirschnerova@Unsplash
Socialist Victory Boulevard, Bucharest

Ride into contrasting neighborhoods to gain insights into the divergent lifestyles of the communist elite and the common citizens. These neighborhoods served as stark reminders of the profound disparities between the powerful and the powerless during an era when dissent against the regime carried grave consequences.

Your captivating bicycle tour culminates in Revolution Square, the very place where thousands assembled to hear Ceaușescu's final address before his flight from Bucharest in 1989, the same year he faced execution.

Interested in learning about communist regimes elsewhere? Pedal into Poland’s past with the Krakow Communism Bike Tour, or bike through Hungary’s communist legacy in Budapest on the Budapest Retro Communist Bike Tour.

Rome, Italy

Appian Way, Catacombs & Aqueducts Rome E-Bike Tour - Ride through Roman history

The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy. Nicole Reyes@Unsplash
The Roman Forum, Rome

While the heart of Rome boasts Roman ruins and awe-inspiring artifacts, just beyond the city limits lie the incredible feats of ancient engineering that laid the foundation for this fortress of civilization.

Let your expert guide lead you along the Appian Way, one of the earliest and most significant roads in the Roman Empire, thought to date back to 312 BC. As you cycle along a segment of the road, your guide will provide historical accounts that’ll transport you back to a time when soldiers, senators, and emperors traversed this route.

A ride through the Regional Park of Appia Antica reveals numerous tombs, monuments, and villas, and your tour will take you to your choice of the Catacomb of Callixtus or the Roman Aqueducts.

Crypt of the Popes, Catacomb of Callixtus, Rome, Italy. Larry Koester@Flickr
Crypt of the Popes, Catacomb of Callixtus, Rome

Opt for the first option and your guided tour will pause at one of the most prominent landmarks along this route: the Catacomb of Callixtus. This catacomb is renowned for housing the Crypt of the Popes, which once contained the tombs of several popes interred between the 2nd and 4th centuries. An adjoining crypt once held the remains of Saint Cecilia, making this bike tour stop an essential opportunity for those intrigued by Rome's rich religious heritage.

Alternatively, your guide will lead you to the monumental ancient marvels of the Roman Aqueducts. These towering structures cut through the rolling hills of the park, serving as testaments to the Romans' innovation and mastery of engineering. Your route will lead you to landmarks like the Aqua Felix and Aqua Claudia, two of Ancient Rome's crucial water sources, as well as Villa delle Vignacce, a 2nd-century AD villa in ruins.

Pedal away from the heart of Rome and discover the ingenious engineering marvels at the core of Roman civilization.

Rome is a city so rich in history that we offer numerous historical day tours to choose from. You could also consider the Rome City Center E-Bike Tour, Rome Highlights Bike Tour, Rome Highlights Bike Tour with Aperitivo, Villas of Rome E-Bike Tour, or the Rome Parks & Catacombs E-Bike Tour.

Athens, Greece

Athens Highlights E-Bike Tour - Discover all of ancient Athens by e-bike

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Spencer Davis@Unsplash
The Acropolis, Athens

There's no more efficient way to soak up the history and ambiance of ancient Athens than by embarking on a guided bicycle tour. In just 2.5 hours, you'll visit the Acropolis Museum, Acropolis Panoramic View, National Observatory, the Ancient Greek Cemetery of Kerameikos, Thission, the Ancient Greek Agora, the Roman Agora, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, Plaka, the National Gardens, the Presidential Mansion, the Panathenaic Stadium, Zappeion Exhibition Hall, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Hadrian’s Arch.

The Acropolis stands as Athens' iconic symbol, and it kick-starts your bike tour with a bang! The ancient citadel, perched atop a rocky outcrop, boasts the remnants of several profoundly significant structures, including the Parthenon. Witness the most celebrated piece of Greek Antiquity worldwide with your own eyes and check the Acropolis off your bucket list.

From here, you'll pedal to the Ancient Greek Cemetery of Kerameikos, from which the English word 'ceramic' was derived, owing to the Kerameis (potters) who worked in this vicinity. Delve into the exciting excavations that have taken place at this ancient archaeological site and examine the Themistoclean Wall, a relic from the 5th Century BC.

Ride on to the Ancient Greek and Roman Agoras. The Ancient Greek Agora, also known as the Classical Agora, stands as the most renowned Greek agora globally, once serving as a communal and commercial gathering space for the Ancient Greeks.

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Anna Kurmaeva@Unsplash
The Acropolis, Athens

You’ll also pedal to the Panathenaic Stadium, the world's only stadium constructed entirely from marble. This remarkable site hosted the Panathenaic Games, a religious and athletic festival celebrating the goddess Athena, held every four years. It served as an Olympic venue in 2004 and is the location of the Olympic flame handover.

From here, your bicycle tour takes you to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, once one of the world's largest temples. Today, only 16 of the original 104 columns remain, but they stand as a breathtakingly beautiful relic, reaching a towering 17 meters in height.

Bike onwards to Hadrian’s Arch, your final stop on this captivating day tour. This monumental archway is said to have been erected in honor of the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and once spanned an ancient road at the heart of Athens. Like so many other landmarks on your e-bike tour, Hadrian’s Arch is also constructed entirely of marble!

Athens, the seat of Ancient Greek civilization, hosts an array of awe-inspiring historical bike tours. You can also explore the Athens Highlights Bike Tour, Athens Sunset E-Bike Tour, and the Athens Acropolis Bike Tour.


Washington, DC

Washington DC - Washington DC Monuments & Memorials Bike Tour - Experience the unforgettable in Washington DC

The Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC, USA. John Brighenti@Flickr
Dusk at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

The historical significance of Washington DC, capital of the United States, is truly immeasurable. Embark on a captivating cycling excursion that unveils the city's rich historical legacies, taking you to iconic landmarks like the Washington Monument, National Mall, Tidal Basin, and the city's most splendid memorials, including those to Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Paul Jones, and George Mason. Capture your reflection in the crystal-blue waters of the Tidal Basin before gazing up in wonder at the Jefferson Memorial.

Pedal along the National Mall, where excited throngs gather to witness inaugural addresses. This atmospheric expanse stretches from the United States Capitol to the Washington Monument. Park your bike in the shadow of the world's tallest obelisk and savor an unforgettable vista of the White House.

National Mall, Washington DC, USA. Caitlin Childs@Flickr
The Washington Monument, Washington DC

Proceed to the WWII Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial for moments of solemn reflection before your day trip leads you to the Lincoln Memorial. History enthusiasts will instantly recognize this Greek-style edifice as the site of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and the place where the words of Martin Luther King Jr.'s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech resounded off the walls.

Really need to wise up on Washington DC? Take a look at our other historical bike tours, including the Washington DC Monumental E-Bike Tour, Washington DC Best of Capitol Hill Bike Tour, and the Washington DC Monuments at Night Bike Tour. If you’re venturing down into Virginia, history buffs can discover the home of the first US President, George Washington, on the Alexandria Mount Vernon Bike & Boat Tour.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s Journey for Civil Rights Bike Tour - Bike to the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr.

Sweet Auburn, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Anthony G. Reyes@Flickr
Sweet Auburn, Atlanta - childhood neighborhood of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

For those eager to research the rich tapestry of Atlanta's civil rights history, this bike tour immerses you within the stories, struggles, sights, and enduring legacy of Atlanta's African American community, with a special focus on the renowned leader who was born here – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As you pedal, a knowledgeable guide will deepen your understanding of the Civil War, the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras, the ascent of African American visionaries who paved the path for the modern Civil Rights Movement, and the ongoing quest for social justice for all of Atlanta's citizens.

This historical bike tour commences in Reynoldstown, one of Atlanta's earliest African American neighborhoods, established by freed slaves drawn to employment opportunities on the Atlanta BeltLine railroad.

Black Lives Matter protest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Ben Dutton@Unsplash
Black Lives Matter protest, Atlanta, 2020

You'll ride to the birthplace and final resting place of the profoundly influential leader of the Civil Rights movement – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prepare to be deeply moved by stories of King's childhood in the Sweet Auburn community, and his father's impassioned sermons delivered at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Founded in 1886, this church served as the spiritual heart of the Sweet Auburn community and was led by Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. as pastor in 1931.

Admire the commanding 'Hero' mural, take a moment of reflection at Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthplace and resting place, and stand at the site of the 1906 Race Riot.

A day trip crafted to enlighten, inspire, and educate.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio 3 Spanish Missions Bike Tour - Explore the majesty of Mission Espada, Mission San Juan, and Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose, San Antonio, Texas, USA. CC:Iridescent
Mission San Jose, San Antonio

This day tour is meticulously crafted to provide a deep dive into the history of the Espada, San Juan, and San Jose Missions, offering valuable insights into their impact on the daily lives of their inhabitants and the culture of San Antonio and southern Texas. Cycle through the stories of the Mission Reach Trail, discovering the spectacular Spanish Missions, whilst also making stops at the Espada Dam, Espada Aqueduct, and captivating community art installations.

Mission Espada, established in 1690 near Weches and later relocated to the San Antonio River in 1731, was the first mission in Texas. The mission complex, which included a friary and church completed in 1745 and 1756, aimed to replicate the routines and culture of Spanish villages for its Native American residents. These inhabitants learned various trades, such as weaving, blacksmithing, masonry, and carpentry - skills that would prove crucial to San Antonio's post-colonial development after secularization.

At Mission Espada, you'll park your bicycle and explore the picturesque surroundings. Continuing north, you'll encounter the Espada Aqueduct, built in 1745 by the Franciscans to supply water from the San Antonio River to the farmlands of Mission Espada and its vicinity.

Mission San Juan, San Antonio, Texas, USA. CC:Bernard Gagnon
Mission San Juan, San Antonio

Mission San Juan, originally founded in 1716 in Eastern Texas and relocated in 1731, boasts a stunning stone church, friary, and granary built in 1756. San Juan thrived agriculturally, whilst the mission produced iron tools, cloth, and hides, achieving complete self-sufficiency. By the mid-1700s, Mission San Juan established a trade network to export surplus produce to Louisiana and Coahuila (Mexico), allowing it to withstand epidemics and Indian attacks. Today, visitors can explore a living demonstration farm within the Mission San Juan compound.

Your captivating bike tour leads you to San Jose, the largest of the missions, affectionately known as the 'Queen of the Missions'. This area was meticulously restored to its former grandeur in the 1930s by the Works Projects Administration (WPA), offering an immersive experience in a setting frozen in time. The San Jose Mission celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2020 and still preserves many relics from its inception.

Once you’ve explored the missions, delve into the history of the Espada Dam, a historic diversion dam constructed in 1745 which stands as the sole remaining Spanish-built dam in San Antonio, responsible for harnessing the river waters to irrigate missions farmlands and foster agricultural prosperity.

Only got time for two experiences? No problem - check out the San Antonio 2 Spanish Missions Bike Tour. You can also check out the San Antonio Yanaguana & Spanish Missions Bike Tour.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap Angkor Temples Bike Tour with Lunch - A biking adventure to the awe-inspiring Angkor temples

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Joao Francisco@Unsplash
Faces of the Buddha at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Join an unforgettable bike ride to the world's largest religious structure: Angkor Wat. This guided tour invites you to explore the less-traveled, local routes around one of the planet's most renowned and visited religious sites. With the assistance of a knowledgeable local guide, you'll uncover the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, the Elephant Terrace, and Ta Prohm.

Your historical bike tour begins at the southernmost temple within Angkor Park: Angkor Wat. As you approach the temple, you'll be immediately struck by its awe-inspiring scale and the meticulous craftsmanship evident in every facet of its construction. Admire the five towering spires representing Mount Meru, the home of Hindu gods, as you cross the surrounding moat to reach the temple.

This monumental structure took 28 years to complete, from 1122 to 1150 CE, commissioned by Khmer King Suryavarman II to honor the Hindu god Vishnu. Subsequently converted to a Buddhist site, your guide will highlight the distinctions in the temple's towering statues and intricate ornamentation that reflect this religious transition.

Continuing your journey, you'll reach Angkor Thom, the ultimate and enduring capital of the Khmer Empire, founded in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII. Enter through one of the ancient city's four gates, each situated at a cardinal point on the compass. Once inside, follow your guide as they lead you through the labyrinth of temples, shrines, and towers. Marvel at the bas-relief carvings, portraying the diverse gods, goddesses, and mythical beings from ancient Hindu legends and epics.

Angkor Thom East Gate, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Paul Szewczyk@Unsplash
Angkor Thom East Gate, Siem Reap

Cycle to the heart of this complex where you'll encounter Bayon, the state temple. On each side of every tower, you'll see the serene, smiling visage of the Buddha gazing down at you.

A visit to the Elephant Terrace is also on the agenda, a grand viewing platform designed for the king to witness the return of his victorious armies. Allow your guide to illustrate the distinctions between the classical style of Angkor Wat and the baroque Khmer style evident in Bayon as you explore the temple's peaceful ambiance.

Afterwards, pedal onwards to the enchanting yet weathered Ta Prohm temple. Observe how nature is gradually reclaiming this ancient structure, and with your guide's assistance, locate the famous Stegosaurus carving, often cited as evidence of the Khmers' knowledge of dinosaurs during their era.

Discover the ancient city of the Khmer Empire and find yourself reflecting on these insights into Cambodia’s history for years to come.

Early riser? Consider the Siem Reap Angkor Temples Sunrise Bike Tour with Breakfast instead.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Historic Chiang Mai Bike Tour - Be charmed by Chiang Mai

Wat Mahawan, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Peter Borter@Unsplash
Wat Mahawan, Chiang Mai

Top up your knowledge of Thai history on the Historic Chiang Mai Bike Tour, discovering several temples and immersing yourself in the rich fusion of Lanna, Thai, and Burmese influences amongst the city’s sacred architectural wonders, including the Tha Phae Gate, Wat Chiang Man, the City Navel, and Wat Inthakin.

Tap into your guide’s expert knowledge of the Tha Phae Gate, once the primary entrance to Chiang Mai, which welcomed merchants into this pivotal trading hub centuries ago. This is where your immersive history lesson begins as your guide explains why Chiang Mai was so significant as a strategic hub in the Lanna Kingdom.

Weave your bicycle towards Wat Chiang Man, Chiang Mai's oldest temple. This temple holds a unique place in the city's history and spirituality, and within its sacred precincts, you'll encounter the revered marble and crystal Buddha statues. Absorb the serenity of your surroundings as your guide narrates the temple's extensive history, founded in 1297 to serve the first King of Chiang Mai.

Golden temple with lanterns, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Cheese Yang@Unsplash
Golden temple, Chiang Mai

Your historical city tour culminates at Wat Inthakin, renowned for sheltering the city's sacred pillar, known as ‘Inthakhin’ in Thai. Believed to safeguard the city and bring good fortune, the pillar is an integral part of the temple.

After basking in Wat Inthakin’s serene ambiance, you'll encounter one of the city's most exquisite temples to conclude your excursion. The temple's towering stupa, referred to as 'Chedi' in Thai, is a sight to behold. Its magnificence mirrors the grandeur of the Lanna Kingdom and was originally constructed to house the ashes of a Lanna King.

Hankering to explore more historic temples? Take a look at the Lamphun & Countryside Bike Tour Chiang Mai.

Phu My Port, Vietnam

Phu My Port & Long Phuoc Tunnels Bike Tour - Discover Vietnam’s agricultural and revolutionary legacies

A rice paddy in Vietnam. Micah Camper@Unsplash
Rice paddies of Southeastern Vietnam

Join a captivating historical journey through the rice paddies, rubber plantations, and Long Phuoc Tunnels of Southeastern Vietnam, commencing and concluding in the coastal city of Phu My Port.

Your diverse day tour starts in the shadow of the imposing vessels moored at Phu My Port, a vital port that plays a pivotal role in the maritime trade and cruise industries of the South China Sea.

Rubber plantation. Isuru@Unsplash
Tapping rubber in Southeastern Vietnam

As you cycle through the remarkable Vietnamese countryside, you'll find yourself immersed in a lush landscape steeped in captivating agricultural traditions. You’ll ride through the rubber plantations of Southeastern Vietnam, where you can inquire about the time-honored tapping processes from your guide, who will lead you to the fascinating Long Phuoc Tunnels.

Long Phuoc holds a rich historical significance due to its former strategic role in the resistance wars fought between Vietnam, US Imperialists, and French Colonialists. Today, these tunnels in Ba Ria Town stand as proud relics of Vietnam's revolutionary heritage, a testament to the resourcefulness and determination of those who constructed them. Take in the intriguing, eerie atmosphere that surrounds the tunnels and ask your guide about the legacy left by Vietnam’s revolutionary past.

A bicycle against a wall of vines. Robin Popa@Unsplash
Cycle to where nature is reclaiming the urban

Historical day tours - where learning meets leisure.

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