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/ August 21, 2023

Island Day Tours by Bike - Pedal into Paradise

Dreaming of an island getaway with a difference? Want the best of the beach without missing out on the culture and history that shaped the shores you’re sunbathing on? It’s time to leave the lido and squeeze every ounce of adventure out of your escape on a breathtaking guided bike tour!

Relaxing beneath a palm tree with a bicycle

Why take an island bike tour?

For centuries, humans have been drawn to the irresistible allure of an isolated paradise - it promises the essences of happiness, from restorative natural surroundings to the community spirit residing in remote places. Staring out over the wide expanse of a blissful ocean tunes into our innate desire to ‘conquer’ a space, exploring somewhere coast-to-coast and discovering every secret treasure that makes that place so spectacular.

Park up your bicycle and dive into the ocean

Explore the whole island and discover secret treasures

Islands are uniquely magnificent places to explore. An island bike tour allows you to truly conquer the region, in many cases taking you around the whole coast, and always leading you to the core of the island’s identity. In just a few hours, your guided tour will discover its most iconic highlights - remote cities, secluded coves, and the villages that time forgot.

By bike or e-bike, you can conquer the island in a single day, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the vacation without nagging curiosities like ‘What’s further along the coast? Does this marina have the best restaurants? Is this the best beach for snorkeling?’

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

A guided bike tour takes the guesswork out of your vacation, helping you discover the island treasures that shine the brightest so you can be sure you're living the ultimate island dream!

Ride to places unreachable by car

One of the special advantages of a cycling tour is being able to reach places inaccessible by motorized vehicle. A bike tour is the best way to reach the most sublime, secluded coves, where the azure ocean caresses atmospheric coastlines. These make for exceptional swimming spots away from the masses, so you can paddle with your family in your own private paradise.

The Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta

In the towns and cities, weaving a bike or e-bike through the narrow alleyways and backstreets is a uniquely inspiring experience, with history and culture enlivening every sense and towering above you as you ride. Stop easily wherever takes your fancy without the stress of parking or the exhaustion of walking long distances.

A manageable itinerary that keep the kids on-side

When you’re holidaying on an island, it’s tempting to jam-pack the itinerary with a visit to every city and landmark, regardless of the distance between them and the myriad sightseeing spots in between. This ambition is admirable, but often leads to the typical scenario of traipsing for hours with tired little ones in tow, leaving you feeling drained by your island getaway rather than rejuvenated.

Avoid lethargy by taking a legendary tour on two wheels, discovering the best bits of the island by bike! Most island day tours pack the best of the island’s highlights into one compact pedaling adventure that makes short work of your sightseeing itinerary!

An island adventure makes for an enchanting family vacation

With e-bikes available on many tours, the exploration becomes even easier, allowing you to conquer your checklist with very little effort. Whilst children are often too young to use an e-bike, most island day tours are family-friendly, with children’s bikes and bike seats available, allowing the whole family to enjoy a fun day’s exploration. You can soak up the history and culture of the island in a few hours, allowing you to sunbathe later without that guilty feeling of ‘I could be anywhere right now!’. Plus, it’s a lot more fun for little ones, feeling the wind in their hair and adventure at every turn!

Discover an unrivaled mix of scenery on one tour

Islands, by their very geography, make for more compact adventures. On an island bike tour, you’ll behold several types of scenery in just a few hours: iconic sandy beaches, the dazzling blue ocean, captivating coastal architecture, vibrant rainforests, aromatic olive groves, grand city walls, pristinely-preserved churches, glamorous marinas dotted with yachts, and charming fishing villages harking back to their ancient heritage.

The mesmerizing might of the ocean off Terceira Island

Island bike tours are a full immersion in adventure, enlivening every sense, and providing an album’s worth of photo opportunities in just a few hours. It’s a tour that takes you out of the ordinary, far away from the humdrum of everyday urban life, and truly replenishes the soul. Plus, there’s something for everyone - those bored after a few hours on the beach can get their culture fix in the city, whilst those seeking the secrets of the island’s secluded treasures will have their sense of wonder truly satiated.

Indulge in the freshest, most delectable seafood

Sumptuous oysters, fresh from the sea

Some of the most irresistible cuisine in the world is available in an island restaurant, be it the traditional local delicacies of a remote culture guaranteed to surprise your palette, or the most succulent seafood dishes cooked with fish caught just yards away from where you’re watching the sunset. Island dining is fine dining, and the fresh ingredients are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and top every day of exploration off in the most satisfying way possible.

Seaside dining in Zebbug, Malta

Your tour guide will know the various eateries available on the island like the back of their hand, and having them by your side allows you to ask exactly where they recommend for the most sumptuous seafood, or other culinary delights unique to the island. This kind of insider knowledge helps you take your leisure time to the next level.

Intimately encounter the island’s culture

Most island day tour guides are locals who know the island inside-out. These bike tours can provide you with an intimate travel experience, exploring the culture of the island in an authentic and exciting way. You’ll be welcomed by the friendly locals, given a flavor of their way of life, and advised on your guide’s favorite spots for swimming, dining, and partying in the warm glow of the summer evenings.

Fruit vendors in Jamaica's Old Harbour

Let your adventure lead you off the land

Islands are surrounded by one of nature’s best playgrounds - the ocean! Many of our island bike tours include beachside activities that add extra excitement and experiences to your sightseeing cycle, offering you the chance to make memories you’ll daydream about for years to come!

Beachside activities provide exhilarating and memorable outdoor experiences

Perhaps you’ll discover the vibrant underwater majesty of the island’s aquatic life with a snorkeling experience. You might rise to the challenge with a stand-up paddleboarding adventure, viewing the exquisite coastline from a different perspective. Or maybe it’s just keeping it simple but sensational, immersing yourself in the warm, iridescent ocean to enjoy a splash around before drying off in an exceptional sunbathing spot.

Island adventures allow you to delve deep into the surrounding seas

These kinds of experiences are specially designed by your guides to slot perfectly into your bike tour itinerary, presenting you with the ideal, all-encompassing island adventure.

Where can you pedal into paradise?

BikeTours.com boasts an array of island bike tours providing unrivaled cycling experiences - a breathtaking mix of natural beauty, beachside fun, and cultural exploration. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate summer holiday in the States or are drawn to the mesmerizing allure of the Mediterranean, there’s an island bike tour destined to dazzle. Here are just a few of our favorite island bike trip destinations:

Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta


Aerial view of Valletta, Malta's sensational capital

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing allure of Malta, an island of indescribable beauty that enchants and inspires, whether you’re visiting for the unrivaled architectural majesty or to set eyes on the set of Game of Thrones!

Despite being the world's tenth smallest nation, Malta's splendor is magnificently concentrated within a compact expanse, making it an ideal candidate for exploration by bicycle. Lying at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has witnessed the reign of various powers over the centuries – Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and Normans, each imprinting a layer of immensely rich cultural heritage.

Grand Harbour, Malta, during the Rolex Middle Sea Race

On the magnificent western shores of the island, perched upon rugged cliffs, marvels like the medieval fortress town of Mdina bask in the glowing sunshine. Along the coast, the Dingli Cliffs unveil the island’s dramatic shoreline, punctuated by delightful hamlets like Mgarr. The luscious Buskett Gardens offer an aromatic bike ride through fruit-laden groves with unparalleled views of Verdala Palace. Meanwhile, Rabat presents a treasure trove of extraordinary religious edifices. Once you’ve had your fix of filming locations and magical history, the azure embrace of the ocean will lure you to the idyllic Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha.

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Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu, Gozo

Enchanting Gozo is a gorgeous little gem within the Maltese Archipelago, an island of oceanic splendor, home to awe-inspiring rock formations and timeless traditions. Renowned as one of the premier Mediterranean diving destinations, Gozo exudes an irresistible charm, and Game of Thrones fans will instantly recognize the Dwejra rock formations as the backdrop to the Dothraki wedding scene!

With a history dating back to 5000 BC, the island bears the imprints of Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Sicilian, French, and British civilizations. Nestled among hills, easily accessible by ferry from Malta, Gozo beckons with the Nadur Carnival, an age-old festival to honor the patron saints of the island’s villages. During the summer months, nature enthusiasts can catch glimpses of the unique Maltese Wall Lizard scuttling up the island’s buildings and rocky outcrops.

Children exploring Gozo's phenomenal cliff formations

Despite its small size, Gozo stands as a hub of grand adventure and captivating sightseeing. From the tranquil shores of Mgarr ix-Xini Bay to the fascinating expanse of Dwejra, the Salt Pans, Dahlet Qorrot Bay, Mixta Cave, and the Sanap Cliffs, the island offers an array of sensational opportunities, maximized by bicycle tour. Cycle by azure waters, behold breathtaking bays, and stand in awe before captivating cliffs. Let the spirit of Gozo's splendor etch an indelible mark upon your heart!

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Palma de Mallorca

Sailing on the exquisite sea surrounding Palma de Mallorca

Enjoy an exquisite island adventure on Palma de Mallorca, the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’. With its sun-kissed shores and shimmering aquamarine expanses, Palma embodies the allure and preciousness of a genuine pearl.

Remnants of the capital Palma’s past are evident in the remains of the Can Bordils, telling tales of the island’s ancient commerce and wealth. These days, Palma de Mallorca’s agricultural and tourist industries thrive, the former painting the landscape with fragrant almond, olive, lemon, and orange groves that grace the island’s lush hillsides.

Catedral de Santa Maria de Palma de Mallorca

The city of Palma is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring sights excellently suited to bike tour exploration. Catch a look at the iconic ‘Le Seu’ Cathedral, pedal to the picturesque Parc de la Mar, delve into the historic Old Town, and follow your interests into Can Pastilla and the enchanting quarters of La Lonja, Santa Catalina, and Es Jonquet.

On a bicycle tour of this picture-perfect island, you’ll pedal along mesmerizing coastal boulevards, glide beneath gently swaying palm trees, and wander through the splendid tapestry of Medina Mayurca. Once you’ve had your fill of the exquisite architecture to be found in the cathedrals, churches, and plazas, make your way to where the turquoise waves lovingly lap over the pristine white sand beaches.

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Skyscrapers and sandy shores in Honolulu, Hawaii's state capital

Indulge in the allure of Hawaii, the dream holiday destination that tops the lists of many globe-trotters, and for good reason. These tropical havens boast flourishing rainforests, sun-kissed beaches, and an enduring air of serene paradise.

Located in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii's islands present a treasure trove of vacation possibilities. Inhabited by Polynesian communities 1,500 years in the past, these islands nurtured vibrant cultures and artistic expression.

Diamond Head, Honolulu

Nestled in the embrace of the third largest island, Oahu, the state's capital, Honolulu, emerges as an idyllic base for an enchanting biking adventure. Embark from the renowned shores of Waikiki Beach and traverse the historic corners of Honolulu on two wheels. Alternatively, venture beyond the urban confines and pedal your way to the serene site of the magnificent Manoa Falls.

To wholly immerse yourself in Hawaiian traditions, opt for a guided culinary bicycle tour, savoring local delicacies like the state's signature fish and delectable malasada donuts. Honolulu truly is a biking holiday paradise!

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Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Take a bike tour that welcomes you into the beating heart of a radiant Caribbean nation living by the mantra, ‘Out of Many, One People’. The incandescent island of Jamaica embodies a powerful sense of community spirit, promising a holiday that will live in the heart for decades to come.

Jamaica is well-known for its international superstars, including sporting legends like Usain Bolt and Jimmy Adams, and the iconic singer Bob Marley. Regarded as the spiritual birthplace of reggae music, the happy-go-lucky beats resonate from the restaurants that line Jamaica’s breathtaking beaches, filling your evenings with fun vibes and magical memories.

Blue Mountains National Park, Jamaica

Embarking on a Jamaican bike tour promises an exhilarating adventure - you’ll be warmly embraced by the island’s culture whilst exploring the finest natural beauty Jamaica has to offer. All around the island, tranquil white sand beaches bless the eyes and heal the soul, whether you choose to simply cycle by them or stop for a sunbathe and swim.

Behold the breathtaking radiance of the rainforests coating the Blue Mountains on a bike tour from Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Runaway Bay, or Port Antonio, and discover a hidden waterfall guaranteed to provide one of the most spectacular swims of your life.

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Rhodes - cliffside city of medieval grandeur and whitewashed splendor

Explore the grandeur of the ‘Island of Knights’, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese Islands. Famous for the awe-inspiring Colossus of Rhodes - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Rhodes beckons with an unbeatable blend of historical marvels, fascinating fortresses, and pristine beaches. With a World Heritage Site at its medieval center, the island could hardly be more magical!

A ride around Rhodes on a breathtaking bike tour brings the history of this incredible island alive. You’ll journey through the island’s tapestry of architectural wonders, from the Acropolis of Lindos to the Acropolis of Rhodes, Rhodes Old Town, and the majestic Palace of the Grand Master. When you’ve finished your ride amidst Rhodes’ romantic ruins, soak up the allure of the picturesque harbors and bask upon pristine sands stretching across breathtaking beaches.

Temple ruins, Rhodes

An expertly guided day tour unveils the resplendence of Rhodes in all its glory, from the colossal forts and castles, embraced by ancient walls, to the dazzling azure of the incredible Aegean Sea at Ladiko and Anthony Quinn Bay. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of Europe’s most sought-after island havens on a blissful guided bicycle tour!

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Terceira Island - Azores

Angra Do Heroismo, Terceira Island

Encounter the captivating embrace of Terceira Island, a verdant volcanic haven nestled within the enchanting Azores. Bike through a breathtaking paradise shaped by captivating geology, where Terceira's rugged cliffs are caressed by the tantalizing turquoise ocean that also graces its warm, sandy shores.

Emerging from the convergence of four stratovolcanoes atop the Terceira Rift, the island's villages are crafted from the distinctive dark volcanic stone, giving them a look unlike any other village in Europe. The regal Mount Brazil, birthed from an eruption of basaltic lava in shallow waters, stands as a sentinel over the harbor of Terceira's capital, with verdant green grass now clothing the caldera.

Striking seaside architecture on Terceira Island

Whether the point of your pedaling adventure is to capture panoramic vistas from the Picas, stroll upon the volcanic sands of Praia Vitória, or embrace the untamed allure of the West Coast, a guided bicycle tour awaits, intended to meet your every aspiration. You’ll unleash an exhilarating surge of adrenaline within this lush volcanic sanctuary, as Terceira Island invites you to embark on an island adventure like no other!

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