Find your bike tour style: Lovebird

Those all-inclusive resort couples vacations can be fun. But then you get to day three, you’ve exhausted all the hotel’s activity options, you’ve overdone it on the time in the sun, and you can’t stomach the thought of another Mai Tai.

You wanted a romantic getaway, but you were hoping for an experience with a little more excitement, filled with quality time with your loved one, and a chance to make lasting memories.

You’re looking for romance, and you’ve come to the right place.

Your romantic trip or honeymoon doesn’t have to mean sitting in a beach lounger all day at an all-inclusive resort.

It can mean cycling on a bike built for two in a beautiful European city or lounging around the pool at a charming French inn after a day of cycling some great scenic routes.

Some top recommendations:

  1. Wine and Bike in Hungary’s Balaton Uplands — The tour features low mileage; mostly flat terrain; culinary treasures—and unlimited wine!
  2. Alsace Picture Book: Wine, Food, Culture, and Tradition — A tour in beautiful Alsace, a great wine-making region proud of its identity. Its white wines are delicious accompanied with one of the countless local specialties.
  3. Strasbourg to Mainz: Vineyards Along the Rhine — This tour is bookended by two of Europe’s most romantic cities: Mainz, Germany and Strasbourg, France, with its entire center city a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And along the way: vineyards, lovely countryside, and cultural highlights.
  4. Cruising the Coast: Grandola to Sagres Along the Vicentine Coast (Portugal) — Beautiful blue-green waters,  extraordinary Portuguese gastronomy, Altenjo wines, and magnificent scenery – all this is simply the backdrop to this tour perfect for romantics in Portugal.

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