Family bike vacations: consider a built-in leisure option offers a variety of family tours to help keep everyone engaged… and happy!

Giving members of your group options to take an occasional rest day, or relax on a boat while others go out for their ride means everyone has a good, inclusive experience that they’ll continue to talk about long after returning home.

Take a look at a couple popular tour types that accommodate event the youngest of travelers in your party.

Hub-and-Spoke Tours

Bicycle Paths of the Dolomites (based in one hotel)

Most bike tours involve traveling from town to town, spending each overnight in a different hotel. You may prefer, though, to have a home-base in one place.

Not only does this allow you to only have to pack and unpack once, it gives family members the option to take a day off while others go out on the planned route. These hotels also often offer additional, shorter route options for those who want to ride, but take it a little easier on certain days.

This is a great opportunity for a deep dive into a town or region. There’s no pressure to get to the next town. Find a restaurant you love? Go back for dinner on the next night!

Bike and Boat Tours

Neckar and Rhine by Bike and Boat

This tour type is like the hub-and-spoke, with the added bonus of water! You get the opportunity to travel from town to town, and your accommodations come with you! This “floating hotel” option lets travelers opt out of a day on the bike, all while watching the world pass by from the comfort of the deck. Plus, sleeping on a boat adds an extra level of fun and adventure for children. (Okay, adults too!)

We suggest bike and boat tours for families with older kids, as they often come with smaller quarters, sometimes thin cabin walls, and minimal non-cycling activities on board. Never fear, though– they might offer just enough opportunity for a sometimes-brooding teenager to have some alone time in the cabin or on deck, and it’s perfect should they choose to stay on board instead of cycling one day.

Need some more family-friendly bike tour inspiration? Check out our suggestions here!

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