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Inspiration / April 11, 2016

Brittany's bucket list tours: culture, coastlines, and wine

We at BikeTours.com have the incredible job of talking about bike tours all day, every day. And we think you might be interested to know what we’d pick, if we’re picking (and we do often get to!). Read on for Client Services Director Brittany Williamson’s bucket list and profile below, and see if you have any of the same interests or bucket list tours! She’ll be happy to tell you more about her experiences.

Meet Brittany

Brittany preferredA country girl at heart, Brittany grew up in Middle Tennessee. Since her family ran a working farm, opportunities for travel consisted of nearby camping and boating to stay close to the harvest and livestock.

As soon as she could drive, she began expanding her horizons beyond the hills of her homeland. Brittany quickly discovered that travel made her feel complete as a person, and she started planning vacations for herself and her family so they could share their world experiences together.

Although the planning stages are among her favorite parts of a travel experience, once a trip is underway, Brittany finds the organic unfolding of events thrilling. Getting to drive high­-speed in Italy, sharing the perfect meal of braised pork, sauerkraut, and Austrian beer in a snow­-covered Innsbruck, losing her way and rediscovering the correct route in Switzerland… these are among the treasured moments of Brittany’s travel.

More than anything, sharing the magic and wonder of a new place, a big view, or another culture with her family and friends shapes how Brittany travels. Her next trip is always forming in the back of her mind, waiting to be presented to her travel companion like a sweet gift.


Traveler Type

(A little bit of all three!)

Bucket List

1. Almafi Coast by Bike and Boat: Naples/Capri/Ischia
Coastal cruising and cultural heritage

2. Medieval Villages of Catalonia
Exploring the quaint and medieval villages of Spain

3. Rioja: Hidden Spain, Land of Wine
The changing landscapes of Spain, villages, and wine-producing bodegas

4. Tuscany Getaway: 4 Nights in Siena, Montalcino & Pienza
The best of the highlights under the Tuscan sun

Want Brittany’s help in finding your next “bucket list” tour? E-mail her at info@biketours.com.

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