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Tips and Advice / August 13, 2019

Travel together is better!

Whether it’s a family reunion, sports club, hobby group, girls’ getaway, or anything in between, bike touring will get everyone energized, exploring, and living in the moment. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime. While you rally the crew, reach out to one of our Tour Advisors. They are well-versed in group travel and recognize the need for careful planning and thoroughness.

While most of our staff’s time is spent helping clients via phone and email, we also attend events. We love meeting our clients and having the opportunity to chat in person. Many ski clubs have been around for decades, and besides serving as a ski-focused group, these clubs also offer their members a social outlet and act as a travel planning organization.

We find that a lot of club members are highly active and curious. They’re interested in exploring the world, and they like to incorporate adventure and activity in their travel. And they love to do those things together.

BikeTours.com believes that bike tourism is a perfect way for club members and other groups to explore, socialize, and adventure together. We represent nearly 80 local European bike tour operators and over 200 multi-day bike tours on our website. We enjoy working with groups of all sizes and levels of experience.

Over our 15 years of business, our team has helped many groups choose and plan bike tours. We’ve learned a lot along the way about the particular requirements of group travel and concerns of group leaders. We’re in tune with your squad’s travel needs, and we’re here to help alleviate any worries during your planning process.

Here are a few group travel myths and concerns we’d like to dispel:

There’s many an opportunity for missed details when booking a group.

This is a fair concern. Group travel is tricky. There’s a lot of planning and coordination, and it takes considerable effort from the group leader to arrange all the details. We are keenly aware of this. We are experts in the details, big and small. We work tirelessly to make sure every individual is booked according to their requests, while the group, as a whole, is well served.

There’s only one option for my group.

Because we offer tours in over 30 European countries, for varying rider levels, hotel- and boat-based tours, tours that are mostly on a bike path, tours along the coast, (you get the idea) we are able to help you choose the perfect trip to suit your group’s unique preferences. Let us know what you are looking for–we’ll advise the best tour for your group.

A bike tour is too physically challenging for some or all of my group.

Bike touring can be as leisurely as your group desires. We often tell our clients that a bike tour is not a race; it’s simply a unique way to explore a new destination. We understand groups are comprised of individuals with varying ability levels, and there are a couple of options to ensure everyone’s happiness:

  1. We work with our local operators to ensure that electric-assist bikes are available for those who want this option. E-bikes provide a boost while pedaling, and this valuable “equalizer” allows us to recommend an appropriate tour to the average person all the way up to the lycra-clad road riding enthusiast.
  2. Another option to consider when your group has varying abilities or interest levels is a bike and boat tour, which provides flexibility for a participant to skip a day’s ride.
  3. A final option would be a guided tour with a support vehicle, allowing participants to shorten a ride or skip it altogether.

Traveling to Europe costs an arm and a leg.

Our week-long programs include lodging, breakfasts, route maps and tourism recommendations (sometimes GPS tracks), luggage transfers, and oftentimes more!* Compared with other options, bike tours are quite cost-effective. Additionally, we mainly represent independent, local tour companies whose goals are to create an authentic local experience for a fraction of the cost of a North American tour company.

Depending on the tour and the number of people in your group, we may be able to offer a group discount. Just ask; we are happy to check for you. And, booking fees are waived for travelers under 18 – so bring the whole family!

*Be sure to check each tour’s “Included services” under the “Dates & Prices” tab for exact inclusions.

Still have concerns or questions? Email us at info@biketours.com.


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