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Inspiration, Stories / April 13, 2020

Bike Tour Memories: A Second Helping

Welcome friends, we’re here to provide a little brightness to your day with BikeTours.com clients’ favorite memories from their past bike tours (round two). Enjoy!

Three cheers for the Mosel!

From: Ann Mans

I’ve done six German bike tours through your company, and they’ve all been awesome. (Mosel, Danube, Main, Bodensee) My favorite, though, is the Mosel (Trier to Koblenz), which I’ve done three times and would do again in a heartbeat! The scenery is amazing, biking is easy and the food is out of this world, especially during Pfifferlinge season.

I would really encourage folks to do this with a small group as it is interesting to see things from other people’s perspectives. My go-to group is a wonderful bunch of people I met working in Glacier National Park back in the 1970s. We lost touch with each other over the years, but thanks to social media, reconnected about 10 years ago. On even-numbered years we gather for a week back in Glacier, and on odd-numbered years we bike! (I’m a retired German teacher with a lot of tour-guiding experience so I do most of the organizing – and translating!)

Here a photo from our last Mosel trip. It’s from our evening meal in Kobern. The meal ended with flaming schnapps!

I have to add that working with your staff is such a treat. I love your company and recommend you to anyone who asks! We’re thinking about branching out into Slovenia for our next adventure. I know it will be great! Thanks for the chance to revisit less stressful times!

A refreshing rain

From: Rob & Christie Ridgway

Most of the time on boat bike tours you don’t need a guide because you just follow the river.  However, on the way from Brugge to Amsterdam, the canals are like [confusing] city streets going every which way.

One morning as we headed out the weather report called for hail and thunder even though the skies were blue and it was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure enough, as we rolled along, you could see the storm coming….no mountains anywhere to slow it down. The picture is of our guide Hester celebrating the cool off.  It was all over in 15 minutes and we dried off quickly.

Looking forward to the next one

From: Susan and Charlie

The peaceful cycling paths in Croatia were very beautiful! We absolutely loved the ferry rides to our destination as well! We look forward to a time when we can take a cycling trip like that again.

A lovely footbridge

From: Jeff Ward

Footbridge on the way from Innsbruck to Salzburg. Great time, great weather with friends.




A Bavarian American living history camp in Austria

From: Jack and Linda Karr

Eleven years ago we booked our first tour with BikeTours.com. We have been coming back to these professionals ever since and have had so many memorable experiences throughout the years.

Our very first tour was the Lake Konstanz Classic which goes around the lake through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Near the end of the route, we had a day hike in the pre-Alps around Bregenz, Austria. As we walked along we notice a few passersby in costumes. They appeared to be familiar American costumes, Native American, riverboat captain, Confederate and Revolutionary War soldiers. We thought that’s very odd since we are in Austria. We stopped at a brewhouse and start chatting with the Civil War soldier and his lady companion dressed in a widows weeds costume. Turned out they are from the American Living History Encampment and would we like to visit? “Absolutely,” we say! So we took a detour to visit the camp in the hills.

It was an amazing experience for us to see the Bavarians in American costumes in Austria. They were all quite thrilled to have “real Americans” in their camp. They explained that originally the plan was to portray the Bavarian Civil War but they had a problem procuring proper historic clothing and props. They found it much easier to acquire American re-enactment materials on the internet so that’s what they went with! They had crammed every icon of American history into their holiday experience. As it happened along the “Joke Trail” it all seemed appropriate! We ended the day with a Mexican meal in Switzerland. Only on a bicycle tour would we have experienced such a day. Thank you BikeTours.com.

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If you have a memory you’d like to share, email us: tailwinds@biketours.com.

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