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Inspiration / January 6, 2019

Favorite blog posts of 2018

Five can’t-miss experiences along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

“Dalmatian cuisine is full of the best the traditional Mediterranean diet has to offer: plenty of fresh fish, olive oil, and vegetables. Pair these favorites with one of the region’s wines, and your palette will be sure to thank you.”

Berlin to Copenhagen: wide paths, beautiful sights

“We met friendly Germans and Danes who were curious about our visit to their country and wanted to make certain that we enjoyed our visit. We saw many acres of beautiful forests, fields of grain and wildflowers, and neat little towns…. Remember – every bike ride is an invitation to an adventure and every adventure expands your time on earth.”

Castles and Wines of Portugal: my first ever bike tour!

“The whole time, I never had to worry about where we were going, where I’d eat the next meal, or where I’d sleep that night. Everything was taken care of, even my luggage was transported each day to the next hotel while I worked my way there on two wheels.”

Don’t let your fears stop you from trying a bike tour

“I got to spend hours outside, eat everything I wanted, feel the sun on my skin and the dirt beneath my bike. It was me in a new element where I really felt at home, and THAT is the most surprising thing about all of this. After 15 years of international travel, I’ve uncovered another way to see the world that I had never taken an interest before. I’m not sure if you can grasp how exciting that is for me.”

Encounter in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Our group crowded under a covered picnic table next to a house in the village of Luka as rain blew overhead. Within minutes the house’s owner, Džale Surkovi, just awake from a nap, came outside to say hello. Happy for the unexpected company, he served us a tray loaded with homemade plum rakija (brandy) and thick coffee cooked on his iron stove and served in copper pots.”

The Nitty Gritty: cycling in Croatia

“Croatia offers miles and miles of quiet paved back roads and some good gravel mountain bike routes. It is one of the best-preserved corners of Europe, where ancient cultures and traditional lifestyle can still be experienced. The two most beautiful cycling destinations in Croatia are Istria and the Dalmatian coast.”

Why cycling in Switzerland is far more accessible than you think

“Switzerland evokes images of cozy wooden chalets, twinkling cowbells, and stunning Alpine peaks. However, cycling in this idyllic natural paradise isn’t as challenging as the Heidi movies may lead you to believe. Flat river valleys, the wide northern plateau, and a reliable network of bike-friendly trains, buses, and cable cars allow you to cycle in Switzerland with ease.”

This week’s client raves and faves!

“Our tour was just amazing and each day was like a new adventure. The cycling routes were diverse through beautiful landscapes. Uphills and downhills, sometimes difficult but always very enjoyable. Our guide Mario and Dinko were great and played a huge part in making this trip so incredible. I can highly recommend this tour.” Rosa

8 reasons why you should cycle in Romania

“The country of Romania – especially Transylvania – is a well-kept secret from most American cyclists, however, there are many reasons to consider a cycle tour in this country. And, it’s a perennial favorite of BikeTours.com.”


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