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Inspiration, Stories / April 15, 2020

Bike Tour Memories: Poetry Edition

BikeTours.com client, Shelley Spivack, has done two tours (Mosel and Saar by Bike and Barge and Wine and Bike in Hungary’s Balaton Uplands) with her friend Patty Nakaoki and loved them both. (Patty shared a memory with us in Bike Tour Memories: 1st Edition!)

She wrote poems about her tours, stating, “Writing these pieces was a fun way of sharing the experience with the other riders and friends at home.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re so grateful she chose to share!

Poems and photos by: Shelley Spivak

“Biking the Balaton”

Biking the Balaton
With Gabor as our guide,
Vino and palinko
Never far from our side.

Vineyards and valleys
Vistas galore
Never a dull moment
Riding with Gabor.

Hungarian history
Filled us with awe
From St. Stephen
To the Hapsburgs
Left us wanting for more.

Climbing and climbing
The uphills were grand
And left a lasting impression
Of this noble land.

See the tour details >

“Moseying down the Mosel”

From the Saar to the Rhine
September is a fine time
To Mosey down the Mosel
And drink a little wine.

With vineyards to the left
And cinderella castles to the right
Moseying down the Mosel
Gives the eyes
A wondrous sight.

Ride your bike
Or take a trike
Whichever one you like
Moseying down the Mosel
Lets your worries take a hike!

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