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Inspiration, Stories / April 20, 2020

Bike Tour Memories: Round Three

We’re amazed at the continual support and kindness of our BikeTours.com clients during these unusual times. Additionally, we continue to receive these wonderful stories, memories, and photos. Thank you!

Now, without further ado… your bike tour memories.

A rather circular tale

From: Bob Davidson, Troop 1780

In June 2018 our Scout group did the Tauern Bike path from Krimml to Passau. On about the third day, we stopped for a short rest and water break in a very quaint small hamlet. Colorful flowers everywhere, the Alps in the background, and fresh cold water. After a short break, we headed off. I was leading the way because, for some reason, the group had made me the lead rider. The trail had a nice small climb and then flattened out for a bit as it ran parallel to a golf course. Then we hit a very steep downhill portion after which we crossed a highway and then came into the next small village.

In that village, one of the youth commented that all the towns looked the same. An adult who lived in the area as an exchange student started to explain the history, the styles used, and why. Then, as we’re all looking around, we start to notice just how similar this village looked. As we continued looking around at the buildings we finally realized it was the exact same village we had already stopped in.

We pulled out the maps and cue sheets to see if there was a loop involved in the trek. After looking at it for several minutes, the error of my ways came to light. At the golf course, I should have made a right hand turn to follow the fence line, however, I failed to see that turn.  Needless to say, pushing the bikes back up the hill was nowhere near as much fun as the ride down.

We enjoyed it enough, we’re already prepping for the next trip in 2022.

Celebrations and more

From: Cathy and Tim Mueller

We had an incredible time biking from Prague to Budapest and being very well supported by your company. One of [our] many favorite memories was the portion to Krems along the Danube River.

We were lucky to get a tour at a winery with a 2000-year-old Roman wine cellar, biked through many vineyards and enjoyed the spectacular views. We ended the day by celebrating with the locals — there was wonderful traditional live music along with food and drinks at the town center to commemorate a big anniversary

Another great memory was in Monsonmagyarivar where the small town but on a big celebration in honor of Saint Laszlo with a professional tenor group and traditional dancers and singers.

It was an unforgettable adventure, and we cherish all of the memories we made. We hope everyone is staying healthy and look forward to many more adventures!

High hopes for tour number three!

From: Jacqueline Durrett

I have taken two bike tours through BikeTours.com with my friends. Both of them turned out quite good.  Our first trip was on the Main River in Germany.  The other one was from the Dolomites to Lake Garda in Italy.  Both tours were really fun.  The trails were good, the views were awesome, the hotels were nice with delicious breakfasts, and the towns were very architecturally significant (at least for me since I love viewing historic architecture). I would definitely recommend using BikeTours.com for bike rides in Europe.  In fact, I sure hope my next trip with my friends from Vienna to Budapest along the Danube which is scheduled for this upcoming fall will happen!

Friends old and new

From: Chris Miller and Gary Glaser

We had a great trip with friends old and new along the Rhine. It was great to ride each day and have your hotel follow you. Each night we were in town and you had great tours planned. There were wine tastings with the owners in the vineyards and dinner at their tasting room. Special fun for Californians. [We] will definitely do another trip with you.

First bike tour success

From: Sue

Last year, we completed our first bike tour.  We did the self-guided trip in the Czech Republic, Best of Southern Bohemia, early in the season, mid-April.  The trip was outstanding.  We had so much fun navigating the roads and bike paths, and we really enjoyed having the route to ourselves, aside from when we entered cities.  The towns were outstanding, as were the accommodations.

The tour operators went out of their way to make our trip fun, picking us up and dropping us off for new rides, sharing information about the country, and helping us practice our Czech.  They were extremely friendly and helpful.  We loved the variety of scenery – castles, fields, beautiful towns, lakes, and forests.  At the end of the trip, we even paddled down the river from Cesky Krumlov.  People asked, “Was it cold?”  Well, we live in Maine, so we are used to cold.  The mornings were crisp and clear, in the low 40s, but each day warmed up significantly, and layers were the answer.  We felt like we were riding into spring, as buds and flowers opened during the week.

Now that this year’s April trip is off, I am happy to think about the sights and scenes of the Czech Republic that we were so lucky to experience.  Even today, I can still speak a few Czech phrases.

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